Valentine’s Day and Red Wine Cupcakes

Hello, my Valentines!

I hope you got to enjoy a special day today! I happened to spend most of the day at work, but I was able to see one of the BFFs this evening for a very short time so that was lovely!

Work today was strangely slow! I found myself staring off out the window a few too many times and had to reel my brain back in! However, I have an important life update to share with you.I have recently discovered The Secret to Life:



OK, by “recently,” I mean in 2006 when I bought my first iPod and realized that suddenly, the ridiculously long bus ride to school in the mornings wasn’t so bad after all. I can’t hardly move without music. (We all know my bad reactions that come when I realize that I have landed myself at the gym without earbuds/ tuneage. It’s not pretty.) Anyway, I have been very big on making “drive to work” playlists recently and finding new music to listen to on that very long ride and today, I had some power jams blasting me through the stare-off-into-space slumps and it was endlessly helpful.

What did the world do before MP3 players?!

I know what you’re thinking…you’re wondering what I’ve been listening to.


BAM. (Source.)

Hello, Justin Timberlake. I hate to admit it, but his song Mirrors is the anthem of the day for me as of late. I am OBSESSED.

I know, I know. Haters gonna hate.

Aside from JT, the rest of my day revolved around cupcakes. Last night, I grabbed a box of cake mix at the grocery store. I wanted to bring in some sort of Valentine’s Day treat to work and I decided that Dark Chocolate & Red Wine cupcakes would be just perfect. (When in Rome, right?) I was quite proud of my┬áconcoction:

photo (58)

They were a huge hit at the office and I was actually very impressed by how moist and flavorful they were! It’s super simple to do– grab a box of Devil’s food cake mix and replace the water with a very dry, red wine. Everything else remains the same (just the directions on the back of the box!) It’s a ridiculously easy way to take boxed cake mix up to the next level. Dress to impress. Bring your A game. Win over some new friends.

Naturally, I couldn’t resist. (Cupcake: 1, Will Power: 0).

photo (59)I’d call that a well-balanced lunch!

And on the home front, I have a special little house guest this week! Say hi to Cinnamon!

photo (57)

Someone’s pig sittin’!

That picture cracks me up. What a classic little guinea piggy face. (The animal’s…not mine.)

I hope that you had a great night and happy, happy Friday! TGIF!

I’ll talk to you all tomorrow.