Feel The Burn!

I lift things up and put them down. 

(Just for the record, I don’t actually go to a Planet Fitness gym, I just love that commercial.)

I haven’t written for TWO whole days! That just won’t do, will it? The last couple of days have been quite hectic and filled with many, many hours at work, but I actually got out a little early tonight and was able to enjoy a reasonably timed dinner which was lovely. I also had some free time this evening which has allowed me to write this post for you lovely people! 🙂

Now, for the main event. I have been talking about it for weeks. I tried time and time again to find a class that fit my schedule (which proved to be quite difficult!), but I finally did it- I made it to a BodyPump class!! (Two, actually!)

The first Pump class that I attended was last Thursday.Naturally, I overslept. Now, before you judge me, I must point out the fact that I am NEVER late for ANYTHING. I know that I have frequently commented on my inability to wake up early (especially on my day off), but I was never late for a single day of high school. In my four years at college, I only overslept for ONE class. On this day however, I woke up at 9:27 (the class started at 9:30). (I was even up and ready before this. I actually got dressed for class and when I realized that I had a couple extra minutes to spare, I figured that I would close my eyes briefly before I had do leave for the gym.) <—DUMB IDEA.

Anyway, in my rattled frenzy, I decided to race over to the gym anyway (it is less than five minutes away. So handy!) and see if I could maybe still sneak in. If not, I planned to just carry on with a typical workout session. When I arrived, the lady at the desk told me that the class had just started and that I could still join them. I flew in the room and quickly got everything ready. (Fortunately for me, I had read up on the proper BodyPump weights and setup ahead of time like the good little nerd that I am. 😉 )

The class was very small- there were only about eight people! The instructor was friendly and energetic and the time FLEW by.

Apparently every class is set up the exact same way. The session began with a warmup and followed with a segments of squats, chest, back, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders, and abs. The class finished off with a cool down which was more than welcome after hammering EVERY MUSCLE GROUP KNOWN TO MAN.

Check it out guys, it’s the first barbell that I have ever lifted. Ever. I know you were waiting for this incredibly blurry picture of an only halfway-assembled BodyPump station. Get a load of this:

 This is the lightest weight that I had my bar set at through the class. You can rearrange your plates depending on which muscle group is being worked (obviously, you can stand much more weight when the legs are being worked versus the triceps.)

Anyway, I absolutely loved the class. The music was fun and I LOVE the barbells. I swear I can feel myself getting stronger after just two classes! I will definitely be making this class a staple in my weekly workout regime. I am very glad that it lived up to my expectations after I waited to along to attend! It was also great that I was just pleasantly sore the next day. I could definitely tell that I had worked hard, but I was incapacitated (as I was after the first Boot Camp class!)

I did make it to another session this morning which was also fun, but the class was PACKED. Who knew that 97% of my town decided to wake up extra early on a rainy Saturday morning to set up their BodyPump stations at the gym!? Seriously. The class PACKED. I arrived to this one 15 minutes early and there were only two spots left and the plate rack was close to empty. It ended up working out just fine because it forced me to use slightly higher weights that I sort of felt like I should have been using last time anyway. I actually really liked all of the opportunities to switch the plates around. It was very nice to had such a customizable group exercise experience. I also think it is probably very nice for people who are new to strength training as you can go at your own pace and go as light as you want. It was surprising to me how different the two instructors’ teaching styles were. I definitely preferred Thursday’s class to today’s, but they were both a blast.

Typically, I have my Boot Camp class on Saturday mornings, but it was cancelled this week for the holiday! (Because WHO would ever be so remiss as to attend a BOOT CAMP class on the eve of the eve of Columbus day?!?! Jokes.)

Anyway, I am still loving the gym membership and these classes are just too much fun! Although apparently, it wouldn’t hurt to start showing up an hour or two early. 😉

Now it is time for some reading and bed. I have been feeling off for the past few hours and I am not sure why. All I know is that this better go away by morning because I have to be at work briiiiight and early tomorrow! I also have an outing scheduled with my mentee! More on that tomorrow! 🙂

G’night all!



First RPM Class

I did it. I actually woke up in time to make it to the two group exercise classes that I wanted to try out this morning! (Granted, I had approximately 20 seconds to get ready and blasted through the door of the gym about one minute before the class began, but those are all very minor details. 😛

The first class I took was a shortened RPM (aka Spinning, Les Mills style) class.



The first spinning class I ever took was an hour and fifteen minutes long which was WAY too long, I liked that this one was just half of the typical length. Additionally, the class used the official RPM stationary bikes rather than the typical exercise bikes you see at the gym.

I never really know what to do on cardio machines at the gym other than the treadmill (and if you read my post from a few nights ago, apparently I don’t even know what to do with those sometimes. 😛 ) So I definitely liked that this was an organized biking workout.

However, I wasn’t crazy about the class overall and I don’t know if I would make it a point to go again. First of all, I really didn’t like the “dial” on the bike. This is how you change the resistance, but instead of a spinning class that will tell you exactly where to set your numbers throughout the whole workout, the Les Mills style of biking is “TURN IT TO THE RIGHT!” So you kind of just hope that you’re adjusting your dial correctly. I think I got quite mixed up and I was never really sure I was doing the right thing. Also, the music tracks for the class were set by the company and were not particularly motivating. It was playing very, very loudly, but that doesn’t mean the jams are good workout ones.

The second snafu was definitely circumstantial. The class itself certainly can’t be blamed for this.  I was torn between sitting in the first line of bikes in CLEAR view of the instructor and in the back row where someone could theoretically sit in front of me. Since we were about twenty seconds away from the start of class and there were still over half of the bikes available, I decided to sit in the back row. No one would sit in front of me with so many other non-invasive options, right?!


About three minutes into class, a very, very tall man with very, very long hair sat on the bike DIRECTLY in front of me. Not only could I no longer see the instructor, but he also frequently flipped his hair to his back and (ZERO EXAGGERATION), it almost hit me in the face every. single. time. Should I decide to ever go again, I’ll be SURE to sit in the front row. No question about that one! I am sure that it probably takes a couple of classes to get used to everything (including the bike operation), so maybe I’ll give it another shot. We will see.

Next, I made my way to a conditioning class which I LOVED. It was about an hour long, but the time flew by. The instructor hit on just about every muscle group and worked it for just long enough to feel the burn, but without making me feel like I wanted to die! The equipment used was very basic– two sets of dumbbells, a mat and a resistance band. I had never used a resistance band before, but I really liked it. Although the one that I chose I found out was quite light– next time I’d definitely pick a different one. I didn’t realize that they were color-coded (or I should say, I didn’t realize what the different colors meant.) The instructor also had the perfect level of energy. I’m not a big fan of the screaming, overly excited ones. My favorite group exercise instructor I’ve ever had was definitely my sensei who was motivating and supportive and funny, but not over the top in any way.

After a jam-packed morning at the gym, I headed home for breakfast which was easy and delicious.

Don’t forget the most important part!


And now, I’m rearing and ready to go. Time to run some random errands, hit up the personal training session, (Is it possible to fit an entire week’s worth of exercise into one day?) and head out to see the lovely Miss Chloe for dinner tonight!

Please do come back later to read about the PT session!