Preemptive vs Reconciliatory Workouts

Do you like my fancy pants words?

Did I just wreck it by saying “fancy pants”? Probably.

So let’s talk about work food. Today, my work food consisted of one serving of Progresso Hearty Tomato soup that I followed up later in the afternoon with a Clif Builder protein bar.

Are you disgusted? I certainly am. One of these days, guys. I swear. I’ll get my act together.  (Things started off well enough with a nice, filling bowl of oatmeal topped with a spoon of peanut butter. So filling and tasty! Maybe not all is lost.)

We have reached a point, my friends. I have never been one to hide my less-than-wise eating choices from my dear readers. Garbage plates have made it to the blog. Cakes have made it to the blog. Unreasonable amounts of chocolate have made it to the blog. But I am starting to notice an unsettling trend in my eating habits: I am being careless. I am ALL about splurges. I am 100% for celebrating special occasions. For giving in to those random “you-know-what-would-be-delicious-right-now?” cravings. But the one thing that is absolutely essential, is awareness of what you’re doing. What are you eating? Why are you eating it? Recently, my answers to those last two questions have been “Junk.” and “Because it’s there.” Time for some discipline! I have decided to start tracking myself again. Not to the point of “dieting,” but just to get myself back in the groove of holding myself accountable for making healthier choices! Read: BRING SOME DECENT FOOD TO WORK SO YOU DON’T STARVE ALL DAY AND EAT LIKE A PIG ONCE YOU FINALLY LAND BACK HOME.” Fortunately, I think that (overall), my relationship with food is very healthy, I enjoy eating healthfully, but I can also appreciate my treats. And come to find out, when those treats come in moderation, it makes them even more enjoyable. Time to snap back into action! 

And while we are on the note of lifestyle accountability, let’s talk gym routines.

Back in the day, when my job was just ten minutes around the corner and my workday began at 8:15, I was able to make it to the gym in the morning. And when I had days off (during the week), I was able to take a few classes here or there, or at the very least, make it in at a decent time where I would not only have the option of using the activity room for my circuits and random workouts, but also of having my choice of equipment to use. If it was feeling like a bike-to-treadmill-to-elliptical-back-to-bike kind of day, I could hop around the gym floor to my little heart’s content, but that is NOT the case anymore. Nowadays, I leave the house for work around 6:30. Even on the days when I tote the gym bag off with me, by the time I return home, it’s prime time at the gym. Good luck getting in the door! As you have probably figured out though, that is just about the only option that I’ve got, but space and machine-availability isn’t my only problem with evening gym time. 

Recently, I have come to notice that when I used to make time for the gym in the morning, it would start my whole day off on the right foot. Not only did it make me feel good about myself from a psychological standpoint and give me a clearer mind to charge through my day with, but kicking the day off with some good ‘ole physical activity would set me on the right path for my eating habits too. The physical activity would encourage me to eat a healthy breakfast. The healthy breakfast would stick with me and keep me full and keep me from making bad decisions throughout the rest of the day. Long story short, an active morning led to healthier choices throughout the rest of the day.

On the FLIP side, an evening appointment with the gym seems to be more of a “Uh oh. Where did those Oreos go!!?!? Time to run it off!” type of affair. It’s all about cleaning the slate from the rest of the day, and it’s a terrible way to go about things!

So, it’s time to make some changes. To make some scheduling accommodations, some food changes and to get back on the path that I was trucking down so happily for the better part of 2012!

As I have mentioned very briefly, next week, my company’s 8-week walking challenge begins! I think this might be the perfect time to set all of this in motion. I wonder if maybe I can some of my co-workers to join me…

So here’s my question for you, what do you do when you suddenly realize that your recent habits haven’t been the best for your long-term health and fitness goals? AND

Do you prefer early-riser workout time, or pm-punch of activity?

I hope you all had a great day and I will see you all again tomorrow!



I think I mentioned it in an earlier post, but I am typically not the type to make New Year’s resolutions. If anything, I do often find myself jumping on the dieting bandwagon each January, but that’s about it.

This year, I really didn’t intend to make resolutions either, but it just kind of happened. They were things that came to me in extremely random ways. One of them popped into my head when I was reading a book. Another came to me when I was feeling very down on myself and was trying to identity the source of my funky mood. Regardless of the source, I am very excited to make some changes and I think it will not only benefit me on a personal level, but also in my interactions with others, and even in my professional career.

From here on out, I plan to be more proactive about reaching my goals and doing the things that have always been rolling around in my head as “maybe someday” things.

For example, earning my certification to become a fitness instructor is something that has been stuck in my head for quite some time. Ultimately, I would love to also have a personal training certification under my belt, but for now, I can’t quite swing the $599 exam. I definitely think that teaching group exercise classes would be a lot of fun and it’ll definitely be a step in the right direction.

Tonight, I made one big leap in the right direction!

I registered for an adult CPR/AED course that will take place over the course of two evenings this month. In a strange little, nerdy way, I am actually kind of excited to hop back into a classroom again. Additionally, much like registering for that 5k got my (initial) running kick jump-started, I think that having a concrete stepping stone towards earning these certifications will help me make sure that it actually happens! And now I have some extra motivation to carry it through.

Who remembers those middle school days of American Red Cross CPR training? Too bad that’s not still active. 😉 I actually think they’ve changed the protocol since then!

Time to go give the SEASON PREMIER OF DANCE MOMS my undivided attention. 😉

Talk to y’all tomorrow!

Pretend it’s Yesterday…

(This is the post that was supposed to happen yesterday. Thanks internet 😉 )

Written 8/31.


For those of you who didn’t catch last night’s 11:30 pm post (which I ultimately created on my IPHONE after HOURS of struggling with this ridiculous internet/router/wi-fi/Ethernet/electronic voo-doo situation.) Of course the NIGHT BEFORE THE 5k my internet would decide to crap out! Nonsense. I tried everything you could imagine! Unplugging things, re-wiring things, re-starting things… nothing worked. Grrrrrr.

Anyway, the show must go on! So I’m writing this gem as a Word document and I’ll just upload it tomorrow! There’s LOTS of business to cover today!

First thing’s first. Tomorrow happens to be one of my very best friend’s 23rd birthday!

Happy birthday Chloe!!

I can’t BELIEVE my friends are starting to turn 23! It seems like yesterday we couldn’t believe we were turning 16 and could finally learn how to drive. It’s so crazy how time flies!

In other news, I have finally returned from my adventure (part 2!) One of the first things that I did when I got back this afternoon was turning in my Boot Camp registration! That’s right friends, starting next week, I’ll be taking a Boot Camp fitness class once a week! Very, very early in the morning. I’m so psyched! All I can think about is that scene from Bridesmaids where Annie and Lillian are crashing that terrifying boot camp that suddenly turns into interpretive dancing in the park. Gosh I love that movie. (Probably shouldn’t admit that…)

Anyway, here I am. Happy as clam with my registration form! I’m ready to pump the iron!

And now, for the big deal.

Tonight I swung by the packet pickup for the BIG DAY. 5k DAY!

I got a t-shirt, some nifty sunglasses and (drum roll pleeeeeeeeaseeeeee) my FIRST EVER RACE BIB! The whole thing was actually quite anticlimactic, but that didn’t stop me from taking a couple of quick pics in the parking lot anyway 😉

Got my number!

I am so nervously excited I don’t know what to do with myself! Interestingly, it’s actually a very similar feeling to how I always felt the night before school started. It’s an anxious anticipation coupled with the compulsive need to get things ready! I’ve been collecting safety pins (somehow, I actually managed to find four. Yay for being able to attach my bib to my shirt!), setting out my outfit and planning what I’ll have for breakfast in the morning. It’s quite possible that I have actually managed to re-create that back-to-school excitement that I’ve so been missing!

As I briefly mentioned, I’m going to be running the race with two of my former roommates, so the plan for tomorrow morning is to head out bright and early to pick up Katie and fuel ourselves with my favorite thing ever: a cup of coffee. Then we’ll set out to find Josh! I fully anticipate the need for backup in actually dragging sir Joshua to the race. A lot of backup. Likely in the form of a crane that will be used to pry him from his bed and deposit him in my car!

I did find my way to the gym tonight and completed an easy run for about 15 minutes just to remind my body of what runningIS after several days without it! It was actually quite a struggle, but what are we gonna do? The time has come! No looking back!

Naturally, I’ll be back tomorrow! (Errr…later, at this point I suppose.) With pictures and stories and things like that. Still can’t believe how quickly September has crept up on me!

My Fitness “Bucket List”

Hello again!

So I figured that the first few 5KCB posts would be ones to help you get to know me a little better. Today I decided that I’d introduce you to my Fitness Bucket List and also encourage you to make your own!

This all started a few years ago when I first started karate and decided that I wanted to earn a black belt (still do! Just need to find the time to train regularly!) Since then, I’ve added lots of things (completing a triathlon, for example) and subtracted a couple (like completing the p90x program). I think that a list of goals can be really helpful and encouraging for any fitness routine (or life in general!) Someday, I’ll share my other one that isn’t centered around fitness and athletic pursuits.

Take some time to make your own! It can actually be quite fun and who doesn’t love checking things off of a list?? No need to make it crazy. If you’ve always wanted to take a walk around your neighborhood at sunrise but have never convinced yourself to get up that early, throw it on there! Whatever would make you feel happy and accomplished when you finish it should be on your list! Any goal, big or small.

Here’s what I have so far. I’d love to hear what’s on yours! I’m always adding to mine!

Brittany’s Fitness Bucket List 

  • Run a 5k
  • Earn my black belt
  • Teach a group exercise class
  • Take a downhill skiing lesson (maybe? SCARED!)
  • Take a boot camp class
  • Coach a team
  • Earn personal training certification
  • Go cross-country skiing
  • Run in a “Rock ‘n Roll” half marathon (these look so fun! The one in Las Vegas is at night!!)
  • Learn technical swimming skills
  • Participate in a relay triathalon
  • Run in the Mackinac Island half-marathon
  • Write an article for Fitness Magazine