Enter to Win: 2013 Rochester Color Vibe Registration

Today’s post is sponsored by The Color Vibe!

While this giveaway is for a registration to the Rochester Color Vibe, Color Vibe races happen ALL across the nation– in fact, their itinerary is growing rapidly (they’re hoping to be in two cities a weekend as they grow in popularity!)

I am SO excited to share this giveaway with you as it holds a place very near and dear in my heart.

Here’s the deal: The kind people at The Color Vibe have generously provided me with two free registrations to the 2013 Rochester Color Vibe (April 20th!). In order to enter-to-win, all you need to do is comment on this post at any point between tonight, March 15th and NEXT WEDNESDAY (March 20th) to be entered into a random drawing! Just tell me why you want to run in a 5k and why The Color Vibe sounds like fun to you.

Special: Get an EXTRA entry into the drawing by sending a tweet to #thecolorvibe and #5ksCoffeeBeans to the effect of “Hoping to win a registration to the Rochester 5k!” Then, comment on this post to let me know you did it and you’ll get an extra entry.

colorvibe Roch

What’s new at the 2013 Run?

After speaking with a Color Vibe team member, he filled me in on some exciting changes that were coming with the Rochester run this year! (I assure you, the run was a BLAST last year, but apparently, things are just getting bigger and better!!)

Think Dance Party. Everything from the music at the event to the number of runners will be huge this year! This year, the sound and music will be handled by a major production company– complete with a DJ and emcee for the entirety of the event.

The number of runners has blasted from about 1,500 to nearly seven thousand.

There will be more color. More sound. More people and way more fun.

Get your white t-shirts, get your white shorts, grab your friends and get ready to enter.

Remember, you have until WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20th to enter. I will announce the winners that night (there are two passes available and there will be TWO different winners!).

And now, for those who care, just a little bit about how I came to discover the Color Vibe in 2012.

At the end of my senior year, I fell into a bad, bad cycle.  I stopped going to the gym because I just didn’t have enough time anymore. The stress and perpetual presence of fast-food at the dining halls and unlimited access to Starbucks (in all of its pastry/high-calorie latté glory) took a toll on me. I hated the way that I was treating my body and I didn’t like the way I looked.


As soon as I was re-settled back at home, I knew that it was time to make some serious changes. I had always been a healthy eater and I loved going to the gym, but a combination of over-scheduling, high-stress and unique circumstances just made gym time unrealistic and eating healthfully more trouble than I cared to grapple with.

Running in a “race” had always been on my radar as a “someday” goal. I thought about 10ks, half marathons, but decided to start simple with a 5k- the 3.1 distance. I knew that I had to find a fun one to motivate me. That’s when I stumbled across The Color Vibe. Immediately I registered. I talked two friends into doing it with me and the rest is history.

I used the “Couch to 5k” training program (I was NOT a runner at this point and needed simple “workouts” outlined for me). It was insanely helpful (there is a mobile app too!)

When it came time to Color Vibe, I was rearing and ready to go. I felt better than I had in many, many months and I was looking forward to the event.

As soon as we arrived at the site, the energy was electric. The parking lot was abuzz, people were donning their FULLY white outfits and some silly costumes. (I was that weird girl doing warmups in the parking lot to keep up the energy level…)


The course was simple. The run was quick. When the race was over, the color party was so much fun.


Friends were dousing friends in color powder, the music was blasting, and people were rolling around on the pavement to soak up every last ounce of color.


The Color Vibe is unlike anything I have ever experienced before. The positivity and high energy of the event left me on that famous “runner’s high” for days. I cannot wait to do it all again, and I hope you’ll join me!


You can read my full recap of the event here.


Fun Gifts for the Fitness Enthusiast!


I cannot describe how much I am LOVING bumming around these days. I typically love to stay busy and keep myself occupied with work (or school in previous instances!), but right now, I can’t seem to get enough of reading, knitting and watching Full House. (<—Who said that?)

I wanted to share some fun fitness-related gifts that I received for Christmas!

The first one, is a Fitbit! I have seen these reviewed on a couple of different shows and advertised in a few fitness magazines, but I didn’t quite understand what they did until recently. It is a very cool little gadget! 

photo-134This version of it can do a bunch of different things including: track your sleep (I wore it to bed last night and evidently, my sleep was 98% efficient! Additionally it also took me eight minutes to fall asleep. Fascinating, eh?), count your steps and stairs, help you maintain a caloric goal, and track your calories in!

It is super easy to set-up and includes a nifty little wireless hub that you plug into your computer for easy-syncing capabilities. Fitbit also has an app for smartphones and a super easy-to-use dashboard online. I am very excited to test out all of it’s different functions, but for now I’ve only used the sleep tracker but when I opened up the dashboard this morning, it looked like this:

fitbit screenshot(Don’t ask why that says 2:57 am. I swear I never do that!!! Heh. Vacation, anyone?)

I will let you know what other cool things I discover about it as I figure it out a little better!

Next up, my brother-in-law gave me a participant registration ticket for a 5k in the spring! I am so excited and the timing is just perfect to jump start my year of racing that I have planned. I thought that was a very cool gift and very unique! It’s not something that

Looks like crazy-jungle-woman-5k-racer will be back again!!

5k pic


2013 is going to be a big year for running! I am very excited to have you guys follow along with the running mayhem throughout the new year! Even though I have what may be the EPITOME of a love-hate relationship with running, it makes me feel great when I’m doing it regularly. It clears my mind and it improves my mood for the whole day. An added bonus, I felt great about the way I looked when I was running regularly in the summer and fall. Unlike when I started to hit the strength training hard, I felt like running was hitting ALL of the “trouble zones.”


Until next time!!