Kids (plus A GIVEAWAY!!)

Guys, today, I get to make the announcement that I have been waiting to make for WEEKS. Stay tuned.

I spent 95% of my day absolutely convinced that it was Thursday and the other 5% falling asleep standing up. I hope YOU had a fantastic day sans-confusion.

Tonight, I had a babysitting gig for myself after work. Ever since accepting my new position, I love my babysitting gigs even more than I did before. Now that my professional life has taken quite a turn (different industry, different feel, very different location), the sporadic hours of babysitting here and there are a welcome change of pace. Spending time with the kids who I’ve known (in many cases) since they were born is so much fun. They’re all growing up and learning new things and getting taller and it’s so great to have that little built-in reality check in my life. Whenever I babysit, especially my youngest charges, I am always shocked by how many different sides of myself come through in that role. One moment, I’m playing dress-up, or putting on a puppet show with Strawberry Shortcake dolls, and the next, it’s all about making boo-boos disappear and promising that everything will be OK. Suddenly, I am the one checking under the bed and reassuring them that the sounds that they hear are trains, or birds– anything but monsters. It really is a very cool experience.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, I was falling asleep ALL day today. Considering the fact that each time my computer took just a little too long to load today, I feared that I would fall asleep on my desk, I made a pit stop after work: a pit stop to Starbucks. That’s right, I BROKE MY OWN RULE. The “Only Buy Starbucks on Meeting Mornings” rule. Bad Brittany. But let me tell you, if you are in desperate need of a serious jumpstart, allow me to recommend the Café Misto with a pump of vanilla syrup and one shot of espresso. WOAH baby. Goooood morning, America.

The rest of my night was quickly consumed with a blurry dinner that consisted of a bagel and some scrambled eggs.

AND NOW. For the big announcement.

5ks & Coffee Beans will be holding its FIRST EVER, real-life GIVEAWAY!

TOMORROW, MARCH 14th, I will be presenting the giveaway and providing you with several different options for entering. This is a good one, friends. Especially for my NYS running buddies. It’s something that is very near and dear to my heart and that I am so, so excited to be offering to you.

I’ll give you a hint…

Get yourself some coffee beans, because it’s time to 5k



Stay tuned, readers! Be sure to visit tomorrow for the official details!!

Have a fantastic night!

Stretch it Out


This morning’s workout was a little rushed, but it was still a good one!

First up, I did a quick 20-minute cardio blast on my new love, the Precor machine. After that, I headed down to the spare room to complete an ab routine of what have been hailed as the “Six Best Six Pack Moves.” (Please note: it is not actually my goal by any means to have a six pack, but some ab definition is never a bad thing, right?).

I did between 25 and 30 of each of the following moves. When I got to the plank, I did 3 “sets” of 1 minute with a 30 second rest in between. I’ve included links to youtube videos of each move in case you’re unfamiliar with any of them!

Once again, I don’t think this one will leave me sore tomorrow (abs are always the hardest section for me to really kill with any moves, I think I need to up the reps.), but I definitely felt the burn.

After all of this was done, I did something that I rarely do: stretch. I don’t know what my problem is, I know how important stretching is and how critical it is to injury-prevention, but I just don’t usually do it! Fortunately, the group classes that I participate in always include a stretching cool-down, but when I’m on my own? Forget about it.

And then I had a revelation.

The other day, I was on the treadmill and my hip was really bothering me. I couldn’t figure out what the problem was, but it was ridiculously uncomfortable and I ended up moving over to an elliptical. It was then that I remembered that the day before, my legs and joints felt very tight when I was elliptical-ing away. I realized that perhaps if I had stretched after my workout the day before, I may not have experienced that discomfort the next day. I then decided to make a conscious effort to always stretch after my workouts and to stop being a lazy dumbo. I know this will be 100% critical when I begin my race training and I might as well get in the habit now, right?

The rest of my day was filled with babysitting (where I made brilliant drawings of Spongebob Squarepants and Barney the dinosaur) and tutoring (where I overcame some serious iMovie obstacles and managed to completed a science project with my tutee).

That’s all I’ve got until tomorrow! Enjoy your night!

Sad Day for 5ks & Coffee Beans

Hello again friends.

Today was a thoughtful day to say the least. Most of it was spent at work aside from a couple of hours this afternoon (story to follow). On the bright side, tomorrow is a new day with a new post and happier news. Today, however was a very sad day indeed. I spent my afternoon at a memorial service for a little boy. A little boy who was 100% boy and 100% love. He loved playing hide and seek and playing outside and digging for rocks and playing games with his brother. He was goofy and fun and loving. Unfortunately, a terrible accident cut his life many, many, many, many years short. I babysat for him many times and rocked him to sleep, read him stories, watched movies with him, played games with him and drew pictures for him. Countless times, I ushered him back to bed when the sneaky little boy climbed out of his crib in the middle of the night only to sit angelically in the corner of his room and play peacefully with his toy instruments. He was a wonderfully fun little boy with a winsome smile. He loved firetrucks, footballs and ketchup. Thinking of his lovely family makes me endlessly sad and I know their lives will never, ever be the same, but I’ll think of him everyday and he will certainly be missed.

By the time I finally made it back home tonight, I wasn’t much in to doing anything I had planned so unfortunately, there isn’t much else to update you on for today! Please do come back tomorrow for your conventional 5ks and Coffee Beans post. So sorry for the super downer post, but ignoring it just wouldn’t be right.

We will talk again tomorrow. Thanks for reading!