Avocado Pita Pizza

Hello all!

It has been nearly impossible for me to squeeze good blogging time into this weekend! My sister was visiting from out of town and I wanted to spend as much time as her as possible, especially considering my crazy work schedule for the past three days! It was great to see her!

First thing is first. I have always known this subconsciously, but now it is a fact that I can no longer ignore! Sugar is DANGEROUS! This weekend, I pretty much let my guard down. I realized that my favorite treats at work (read: elephant ears and pumpkin donuts) will soon be gone. Additionally, I always find myself eating 50 times worse when there is company in town as there are more meals out and more treats and special things. Anyway, it is so scary, but so clear that the more sugar you eat, the more you “want” it. It is suddenly so very clear to me how I would get myself stuck in donut-frenzy ruts in previous years at work. It is so easy to convince yourself that you’re “hungry” and that a sweet treat will solve the problem! I can’t wait to hit up the gym tomorrow and  fill up on nutritious things again. I do love my splurges, but after a couple of days, I start to feel pretty sluggish!

I must say, this cake bite from a local bakery was 100% worth it.

Tonight for dinner, I decided to make one of my new favorite, super simple meals that I found online a while back. Avocado-egg pizza. (His picture is 150% better than any picture I was able to snap of my own creation, but trust me. If you’re an avocado-lover as I am, this is a MUST-TRY.) Also, Kontos “Smart Carb” pitas are brilliant. They are tasty, healthier than normal pita breads and also filling. I will definitely be throwing them in my shopping cart more often!

If you are NOT an avocado or egg lover, then this picture will look absolutely repulsive to you! In that case, I highly suggest that you avoid this recipe.



(Strangely, I never, ever, ever eat undercooked eggs (I am a little on the paranoid side), but the one that I topped the pizza off with was slightly over-easy and it was perfect for this purpose!)

Stay tuned for tales of Brittany’s Day Off tomorrow! Have a great night!

(Also, is it weird that I just got really excited thinking about my morning cup of coffee tomorrow? Probably. Actually, maybe it’s a sign of a problem…….Naaaaaaw. 😉 )

On Location

Hello friends!

Thanks for coming back again! Being away from home riiiight before the big 5k day should be interesting indeed. I just downloaded the Map My Run app and I’m hoping to find a manageable, decently nearby trail to hit up, but we will see. (Also, there is an elliptical machine here, but it DOESN’T WORK. I was so bummed when I made that discovery because the machine itself is on the back porch with a BEAUTIFUL view. So sad.

Due to that unsuspected snafu in my workout plan for this morning, let’s talk about food instead. Breakfast was delicious and filling. Oatmeal with fresh peaches and a pinch of brown sugar plus a Raspberry Chobani! (I don’t think I’ve ever tried the raspberry before today, but it was just as enjoyable as the rest of them are.)


Peach Oatmeal Breakfast So the food portion of this meal was perfect. It was seasonal and fresh and delicious. The COFFEE, on the other hand was a disaster and a half. I’m not entirely sure what went wrong, but the only coffee pot on hand here is one of those cup-by-cup Keurig machines (which I swear are cooling in theory than they are in actual practice). Anyway, we also don’t have any milk or sugar yet, so it was too strong to begin with and I had NOTHING to dilute it with! Ick. Better luck tomorrow I suppose!

And for lunch…

This is one of my very favorite staple lunches that is SO easy to make! Nothing more than sliced avocado and tomato on whole wheat bread! A banana on the side makes it even more filling. This was so summery and delicious I was a very happy camper.

So, I suppose that’s all for now my dearest readers. I will be back with more tonight! Hopefully with some ridiculous story about how I rigged the elliptical up to my car and managed to get it working. Only not really.