Muscle on the Move?

Hello, hello, hello!

As you know, this weekend, once again, took me away from home to a not-so distant land. Although this trip wasn’t all for fun, it was a wonderful weekend and ended up being an amazing experience.

photo (29)

I really do promise that one of these days, I will either a) find a way to take better pictures of b) invest in a better picture-taking device so that maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to actually see something in some of these shots I upload. 😉

So now, let’s cut to the chase.

photo (30)

Enemy? Identified.

This weekend involved a lot of food. Food like what is pictured above: cake, key lime tarts (OHMYGOD.), peanut butter pie, and pizza. Oh, but let’s not forget the occasional protein bar (or five).

My food philosophy is generally pretty laid-back. I actually honestly do love eating healthy foods. If given a choice, I would often choose something nutrient-packed over less-healthy foods any way of the week. I have a nice relationship with dessert. I love my sweets, but I can be very good about consuming them. I know what a “treat” is and while I don’t deprive myself, I also don’t scarf down 12 Oreos at a time either. (At least not often…)

But my number one WORST ENEMY is travel/ eating-on-the-go (aka anywhere OTHER than my very own kitchen.) I don’t know if it is the fact that I lack the culinary organization required to plan and prepare good, healthy meals to take along with me. Or perhaps the fact that I just don’t have enough healthy go-to meals. Now, couple that with the whole thing about Exercise Never Happening Away From Home and my gym time availability dwindling by the minute and you have the potential for one hot mess.

So now, before my life gets ahead of me, I have decided that it is absolutely necessary to come up with a good “Muscle on the Move” plan that will incorporate both a food plan and portable workouts. I’ve come to far to let inconvenience erase my progress!

If any of you have suggestions regarding healthy eats that are easy to transport, portable workouts, or anything of the like, please do share. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

In other news, I seem to have lost my keytag for the gym…oops? I hate paying replacement fees. I’ll probably deny that it’s actually gone for the next couple of months before finally realizing a replacement is absolutely necessary.

Have a fantastic night and I will see you tomorrow!



ALRIGHT, WORDPRESS. Someone’s got some ‘splainin to do. I just spent about 40 minutes writing a post. I posted it, went back to update it because I forgot the tags and POOF. It was gone! Never to be seen again. Not in the trash, not in drafts, not in published posts. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Ehem. Anyway, now I’m going to have to shorten things and give you the cliffs notes version of what I had before because it’s time for me to get to bed! Why? Because briiiight and early tomorrow morning, I have BOOT CAMP! I’m so excited and this class couldn’t possibly come at a better time! I seem to have reached the point in this kick (which has just completed day EIGHTY FIVE!!!) where things are just sort of clunking along. This is the part in the game where typically, if it weren’t for a captive audience of blog-readers, life goals and also a lovely little fitness bucket list, I’d start to replace daily meals with donuts and cookies. But not this time.

Over the course of the last week, I’ve had a few minor digressions. A cookie here or donut there. Nothing too outrageous, but I know how these things happen! I get too comfortable with my progress and once I’m finally happy, I let things go because I can “afford” to. Wrong-o! I fall hard. This is a particularly precarious time for a few reasons:

  • Goal = ACCOMPLISHED. Finishing my first 5k meant the end of my training program. It also meant that my number one goal had been reached. That leaves the famous question of “now what?”
  • Kitchen = DRY. If you’ve been reading along, you know that a flustering scare with my pup pup made this week a little hectic. I haven’t been going out much and in the meanwhile, my reserves of culinary staples has run very, very low. No English muffins, no coconut, no oatmeal. Nonsense.
  • Expired gym pass. No more unlimited access to my gym. Now that I won’t feel like I’m throwing money out of the window every day that I don’t go, I don’t go!

Anyway, I don’t plan to let any of these things actually keep me down. Even though I have a few months coming up sans training, that won’t last for too long, because you wanna know what takes a heck of a lot longer to train for than a 5k? A half marathon 😉

So I leave you with this bit of inspiration that comes in the form of a presidential quote. (Fitting, given that it’s election season!)


(that picture took about 4,000 tries to load for some reason. I’m just having struggle after struggle here tonight!)

Goodnight all!


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Runner’s High –> Runner’s OW.

Howdy y’all! Not much to report today so I’ll keep it short.

(Also, in case you missed it, here’s yesterday’s post all about my big 5k day. Lots of pictures!)

I am not entirely sure why, but I am so, SO sore today! My legs feel like they weigh about 400 pounds and my arms feel like lead! It makes absolutely no logical sense since yesterday’s run was only 3.1 miles (and definitely didn’t involve my arms), but oh my goodness! I feel like I’ve been trampled by a stampede of elephants!

Although a workout today probably would have ended with me dazed and confused in a heap on the floor, tomorrow I plan to jump right back on the horse. After yesterday’s festivities, this weekend’s eating and gym habits have gotten quite ugly! After a visit to the state fair (Holy food! I managed to avoid the funnel cakes, but that’s not saying much…), dinner out with the family tonight and fro-yo for dessert, I’m rearing and ready to get back on track tomorrow! I found a new workout in Fitness magazine that I’m excited to try tomorrow.

Evidently, I only have a few days left on my gym pass and I just can’t figure out what to do next. I think it’s time for a confession: I am a shameless club-hopper. Not that kind of club-hopper! The kind that jumps from gym to gym!

This all started a few years ago when I realized that many gyms offer summer/ vacation memberships to college-aged kids. This proved to be a great, inexpensive way to get into a gym when I was away from the one at my school. It was also nice because I was able to scope out different clubs near my house and figure out which ones I liked best. The one that I am currently at is probably one of my favorites so far since it is VERY close to home and also very welcoming. The only snafus are that it’s quite small and the group exercise classes aren’t included in the membership fee so it can get to be kind of pricey! I’m back in the market. I’m wondering if I might be able to get a couple of day passes to test out different facilities again since it’s been a couple years! (Interestingly, one of the things that I’ve had the MOST trouble finding in a gym is open space! I hate feeling like I’m in the middle of everything when I want to bust out a mat for some circuits or ab workouts! I definitely don’t think that’s too extreme of a request :-P)

So here’s a question for you, what’s your favorite exercise location? Is it the home gym you set up in your garage? A community recreation center? Or maybe just the streets of your neighborhood for all of you runners out there.

So to end today, a note of inspiration. I must say, in the old days this is when I’d regress. It’s when I’d start eating donuts again and convince myself that now that I’m perfectly happy with myself that I could “afford to stop trying for a little while” which in very little time at all would turn into me buying donuts and cookies for breakfast and lunch and “not needing to workout anymore.” NO MORE! Not THIS guy!!!   🙂

That’s right. No more giving up. No one likes a quitter.

Will Power is Getting Stronger, Hopefully I am Too!

Today’s workout definitely wasn’t what I planned for it to be! Originally, I was going to head to the gym bright and early this morning to knock one more Couch-to-5k run off of the list, but that just didn’t happen! I had a million errands to run this morning before work, and I clearly didn’t get started early enough.

I did, however, make a return to one of my old faves this evening. Good ‘ole Jillian! It has actually been a very long time since I’ve popped in one of those DVDs, but by the time I got home tonight, it was just the right thing! I went for the No More Trouble Zones and did all of the circuits that worked arms and abs. It ended up being about 30 minutes when I was all done and I was feeling the burn 110%.

Somewhere around the Superman/Hollowman section of the workout, I realized something. Even though I often talk about never feeling sore or wondering if a workout has done any good at all, I have realized that my will power really is getting stronger. About three months ago, my go-to snack at work would be a cookie the size of plate covered in peanut butter cups. Now, I have pretty much re-wired my brain to go for a banana the second my inner-Cookie Monster creeps up on me. I definitely don’t make it to the gym seven days a week, but I’d say at least five is pretty typical. (The last time I bought a month pass for this gym, I used it exactly…zero times.)

I have gotten to a point where I totally trust my choices and I know that I won’t jump off the chicken-wing-and-easy-mac deep end again any time soon!

Today, I got an e-mail from the lovely people hosting the 5k (it’s just about a week away!) I actually made a goal for myself and stuck to it which doesn’t typically happen in my fitness world. I’m often a whole lot of talk and very rarely any action. So even though it’s only three miles, they’re three very symbolic miles and I couldn’t be more excited. Look out racers, here comes Brittany!


Guess what tomorrow is, dear readers. It’s the first day of BOOT CAMP. I expect tomorrow’s post to include the word “push-up” and the phrase “what was I thinking” quite a bit. 😉

I must say, the first day of this class couldn’t possibly come at a better time, because my health kick was starting to fizzle! I’ve reached that point in my “diet”/ “kick”/ “mission” where things just kind of clunk along. Granted, I have ZERO intention of going back to the free-for-all style of eating and not-exercising which is what initially started this whole thing, but I could see myself starting to slip.

I’ve said it before, there comes a point where I start to get just a little too comfortable with my progress and I start to take itty bitty teeny tiny baby steps in the wrong direction. Usually, without the captive audience of readers, these digressions become more frequent and eventually I end up riiiight back where I started. Not this time. It is time to reignite the fire that I started this kick with so that instead of sitting pretty right where I am and being content with being what I was before, I’m going to push myself harder than ever so that I can be better and stronger than ever before instead.  

So, why the slump? I think I know exactly why…

  • The Big Day has come and gone. I wanted to run my first 5k this summer and I wanted to give it my all. I did both of those things. The end of the race also meant the end of being so strict with myself and also the end of training. What next?!
  • Kitchen’s bare. I have NONE of my staples on hand. The simplest things have escaped me. My English muffins for example (I eat at least one of these a day. I’m crazy addicted!) It sounds SO. STUPID. But when my staple foods are missing, you know what jumps in their place real fast? Cookies. Can’t let that happen.
  • Bye, bye gym. Remember how I said my gym membership expired? Well, now that I don’t feel like I’m throwing money out of the window every day that I don’t go, I *don’t* go.

So that’s it. Tomorrow is the day that Boot Camp starts. It’s also the day that I go grocery shopping. No more slipping down that infamously steep slope.

I hereby declare Operation Fitness BACK ON. A few months of random exercising and just doing whatever the heck I feel like doing will be fun. Especially when I get busier and work. But within just a few short months, it’ll be time to hit the training regime again because guess what takes a heck of a lot longer to train for than a 5k? A half marathon! 😉

So for today, I leave you with the daily motivation that comes in the form of a presidential quote. Perfectly fitting given that it’s election season and all (if you’re into that sort of thing…)

G’night all! Wish my luck at BOOT CAMP. :-O

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