Peanut Butter Cookies, Lifetime & Triathlons

*Note: today’s post does NOT include any workout tips or treasures, that’s because I DIDN’T WORKOUT TODAY. There, I said it! Please don’t be mad. Keep reading for some fancy collages and yet another confession.*

This morning was a little on the chaotic side. Mostly because I overslept. I wasn’t late, I was juuuuuust behind enough to make getting ready a drag and I forgot to make myself a lunch! So instead of a proper lunch, I threw a container of yogurt and a banana in my purse and off I went. (Note: Strawberry Chobani yogurt with a sliced banana in it is 100% delicious. Even when INHALED in 60 seconds or less!) I actually did a couple of things wrong today: no lunch, no workout, annnnnnnnnd I’ve been watching Lifetime for the past hour! (Dance Moms = my #1 guilty pleasure. That and Melissa and Joey. Please don’t judge me.) [Sidenote: Has anyone else noticed that “Lifetime” is no longer “Television for women”?!?! Now the slogan is “Your life, your time.” Brilliant! Not.]

Even though I didn’t *actually* workout today, I did have an interesting, fitness-related conversation with one of my customers at work! The woman was probably in her late-sixties and I noticed that she was wearing a technical t-shirt with the name of a very nearby town that said “triathlon”. Naturally, it caught my attention. I mentioned that I didn’t realize that that town had an annual triathlon and she told me all about it. We had a nice little chat about races and training and come to find out, not only did she complete the triathlon last summer (SO impressed!), but she’s hoping to do it again next year. It actually sounds very cool and entirely do-able! (Once I figure out how to do actual swimming strokes. Ha. Minor detail, we’ll worry about that later.) Anyway, the biking portion follows the perimeter of a nearby park for about 15 miles, the swimming portion happens in a pool (gotta love controlled conditions!) and it ends with a 5k! This is definitely on my radar for 2013!

Anyway, today’s dinner was exceedingly boring. Plain pasta with a tiny bit of sauce. I thought I’d compensate with one of my favorite treats for dessert though! A fresh tray of Peanut Butter “cookies”. The reason I say “cookies” is because they are actually healthy and full of energy-boosting ingredients, like peanut butter and wheat! For this batch, I tried something a little new. I did half plain (I love eating these for a snack at work, or sometimes I’ll crumble them up and throw them in a yogurt cup… apparently yogurt without add-ins is a no-go for me!) For the other half, I tossed in some chocolate chips and they turned out to be quite delicious. I love me a low-calorie treat every now and then. (I usually try to use peanut butter with less of the “bad” oil, but this is what we happened to have today.)

Sounds like maybe it’s time to call it a day! Dance Moms has turned into “The Week the Women Left” (a self-proclaimed “epic social experiment” involving all of the women in a small South Carolina town leaving for a whole week. There are so many things wrong with this. So, so many things, but I doubt I’ll change the channel…) There’s only one thing I love more than peanut butter and that just happens to be bad TV.

Hopefully I’ll have some SERIOUS updates for the workout log tomorrow 😉 No more slacking for this kid.