The “Angsty Playlist” Day

Hello my dearest readers.

You all know how much I love music. My musical associations are outrageously strong and if I hear a song even one time when there is something remotely significant going on or remotely memorable, I will attach that song to that moment indefinitely in my strange little mind.

One day last year after an extremely frustrating day, I crafted this little playlist to hit the gym with.

Here’s the list:

  1. I Hate Everyone (Get Set Go)
  2. If You’re Going Through Hell (Rodney Atkins)
  3. The Tide (Spill Canvas)
  4. Single Ladies (Beyonce) — Hahaha.
  5. Can’t Get It Right Today (Joe Purdy) — Best line = “I dropped my paintbrush in the dirt.” How perfectly does that visual describe a bad day?
  6. The General (Dispatch)
  7. Gives You Hell (All American Rejects)
  8. Help Yourself (Sad Brad Smith — Up In The Air soundtrack)
  9. Knee Deep (Zac Brown Band)
  10. Mad World (Gary Jules)

It should probably be noted that I did not actually hit the gym that day, instead I spent my entire afternoon hiding under the covers. Suffice it to say, I probably should have taken that very same route today.

First of all, I woke up this morning about an hour before it was time to leave and felt 100% awful. I went to bed feeling like sludge and woke up feeling not much better. Fortunately, that terrible feeling did wear away eventually and only reappeared a couple of times momentarily throughout the day. I am still not 100% certain why I’ve been having spells like that recently, but I would love for it to stop.

I definitely do not want to dwell on what a tanker of a day today was, but it was a most unfortunate compilation of frustrating moments. I think one of my biggest pet peeves of all time is when people take advantage of others. I absolutely hate this and it seemed to be happening around every corner. I was a force to be reckoned with by the end of my shift this morning, but fortunately it ended on a good note and I was able to enjoy a lovely hayride with one of the sweetest babysitting charges in all of the land.

Next up, I had to zip over to pick up my mentee for our scheduled outing. On my way to her house, I jetted through a McDonald’s drive-through in order to grab myself a little caffeine pick-me-up. I ordered a medium regular coffee. I am not sure how this order could have possibly been any easier, but once I had pulled out into the road and took a sip, I came to the disgusting realization that it was ice cold. (For those of you who may be thinking of how much I ADORE iced coffee, I assure you; this was very, very different. It was old and disgusting and likely from 7:00 this morning. I was actually so frustrated by this point that I called the store and told them. Typically, I would never ever do that, but I figured that I might as well spare the rest of their customers and inform them. (A note for any aspiring baristas: Steam is usually a very good sign that coffee is hot. Just in case there is ever any question. 😉 ) The person who picked up the phone apologized and told me that the coffee pot actually wasn’t even on. Fantastic.

I had been planning to take Mentee to a 3D movie this afternoon. I ran the idea past her mother and she approved 100% assuring me that it would be a hit. I knew that my little friend’s favorite movie was Finding Nemo and imagine the luck, Finding Nemo was showing in 3D at a local theater. Her mom approved, and I thought it would be perfect. When I picked her up, she was happy as a clam and dancing around talking about movie theaters and Nemo. But of course, once I had shelled out $123,326,342,124,653,765 for two tickets, she informed me that she did NOT want to watch the movie and did NOT want to see Nemo and that I “should have taken her to a different movie.” Splendid. I am sure that at least 50% of that was just talk. She definitely enjoyed it and was fascinated by the 3D picture, but I was still a little disappointed.

When I was in the theater, I received a text message “confirming” a tutoring session that I had scheduled for tonight. This is something that was kind of pieced together at the very last minute and somehow, it slipped my mind. I typically have my volunteer outings earlier in the afternoon so the session wouldn’t be a problem, but things had to be pushed back today so things were running very, very close. The tutoring session was a good one, but ended up running a little long. I also managed to leave my cellphone unattended for just long enough for my tutee’s little sister to swipe it and attempt to enter my passcode so many times that she locked me out of my own phone. Fortunately, she didn’t have it for much longer since a couple more tries could have cleared the phone!

Unfortunately for me, I could probably share about a half dozen more stories of fail with you from today, but I think I will spare you. I will say that in a moment of sheer frustration, I called Katherine for some perspective (naturally, the call was dropped and I couldn’t call her back because it was time to tutor), but being the very wise lady that she is, in that very short time, she managed to give me a very interesting line to ponder which is actually shedding some much needed light on a couple of things that have been bothering me recently.

Thank God for friends. I am definitely very blessed on that front. Ironically, this morning, my boss was just razzing me about my affinity for sappy, Lifetime-style movies and television, but dare I say that finding some good ones may be a very good use of my night? 😛

No workout for me today and I am actually going to be missing my conditioning class for work in the morning, but I will definitely swing by the gym at some point in the day tomorrow!

Try not to drop any paintbrushes in the dirt! And ALWAYS test your coffee BEFORE driving away from the window.

Giving Back

When I was in college, I participated in 4,523 different volunteer programs. Some I simply volunteered with, others I led and some I even began. I have always loved participating in these sorts of things because it can be so rewarding to give back to the community. I have friends and relatives who do amazing work in distant lands and I admire all of the commitment and hard work that they put into their service. I personally find helping out in my own town to be the perfect thing for me. I love the idea of helping others who are right under my nose and I actually think it’s really sad how easily and often people in our own backyards are overlooked. Once I graduated, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to serve in the same capacity (everything really was so handy in college!), but I quickly decided I’d find ways to do the same sort of work on my own which is what led me to the mentoring program that I’m currently partnered through.

Today I got to see my mentee again and it was so much fun. At first, I was getting a little nervous about her energy level (she is a very active little girl!), but it turned out to be a great afternoon. We headed out for a classically fall-ish adventure that included pumpkins, hayrides and fresh apples. She had a great time and on the drive back home when I asked her if she had a fun afternoon she responded, ” I sure did! I’ll never forget this day!” That simple little statement made me so, so happy and reminded me of why I so love volunteering. What was ultimately nothing more than a couple hours of my time and a few dollars turned out to be such a fun and memorable day for a child who needed it and I’m thrilled that I was able to do that for her.

How about a post that talks about exercising your compassion and generosity instead of your muscles? Gotta keep the soul in shape too! 😉

After hobbling around work this morning, I think it might be best to skip the workout for today. I actually am not even 1/4 as sore as I was the Sunday following the last boot camp class that I attended, but my legs are hurting quite a bit. Plus, I need to save up for tomorrow! I may actually hit two classes in the morning (they’re back to back) and in the afternoon I have my personal training/ fitness assessment session! The biggest thing will be getting myself to wake up on time. We all know that I have a terrible track record for waking up at a reasonable time on my day off. I just need to remind myself of how awful I feel when I wake up late and feel like I’ve wasted my whole free day by sleeping it away!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

A Gym-in-a-Box!

Apparently, my defeat of the 3.5 miles yesterday did something funky to my hip so I decided to take a one-day vacation from Workoutland. I’m thinking a laid-back, after-dinner walk might be just what the doctor ordered though!

Smoothie-less Sunday: In other news, a while back, I found a recipe online for a key lime smoothie. It involved key lime yogurt (my FAVORITE flavor), graham cracker crumbs, protein powder and a couple of other delicious things. The base of it was frozen banana (which apparently is a thing now! I noticed in the grocery store the other day that there is actually an “ice cream maker” that makes “soft serve” out of nothing more than two frozen bananas. Who knew!?) Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to this just about all week and planned to have it after work today, BUT silly me forgot to freeze the bananas. Ergo, no smoothie for me.

…So. Time for key lime PIE instead? Wait, what!? Who said that?!??

Preparing to be GYM-LESS:  That’s right guys, for a few days, I will be completely gym-less! So what does that mean? Time to pack up my very own gym-in-a-box. Granted, it doesn’t hold a candle to an actual gym, BUT it’ll have to do!



Gym Box!

Jillian… a medicine ball, yoga mat, couple of dumbbells. We’ll see what happens!

Feeding the Birds: Today also happened to be the day for an outing with my mentee friend. I didn’t have a ton of time today, but we decided to hit up the park and feed the ducks pigeons. There is this cute little shop near the park that sells bags of cracked corn to feed the MILLIONS of ducks that hang out there. However, my buddy decided to take the road less traveled and fed the birds/ pigeons/ robins instead. Granted, it was thoughtful (she insisted that everyone else ignored them so they must be MUCH hungrier than the ducks), but I felt a little ridiculous 😛

I am also quite sure that the lovely bike-riders didn’t much enjoy the 2 billion birds flocking the sidewalks! Either which way, it was definitely a successful outing, even though it was about 104 degrees out!

Duks in the water

Ducks leaving…they were quite insulted.

Annnnnd here come the birds. This is about 1/40 of how many were there by the end of the FIFTH bag of food.

Anyway, Happy Sunday! I will see you again later tonight. For now, I think I’ll go find a way to make the freezer work a little faster.