Food Swaps & Retrieved Pottery

Hello there!

I hope that you all stayed safe in this nutty weather that’s been happening in the northeast! It is so crazy how localized snowstorms can be. My new drive to work takes me right along the lake for quite a while. As I sat in my office and stared out of my window at the perfectly calm weather, I was receiving constant text updates from friends at home warning me about how bad the snow was getting. I ultimately decided to leave the office early and continue working from home to ensure that I didn’t get stuck traveling in the thick of it at rush hour, but I felt so silly because all was perfectly still there! I was very happy that I left, however, because as soon as I was about twenty minutes away from home, the snow was coming steadily. There were accidents left and right and it was pretty rough going!

Anyway, I hope that you were all able to stay safe and sound. Here’s to hoping that the power remains too!

Last night, I received an exciting package in the mail from Katherine! Katherine now lives several states away and at one point, we were discussing Wegmans (yes, the grocery store. Our lives are quite exciting.) Katherine mentioned how much she missed having a Wegmans right around the corner and I was saying that I wished Western New York had a Whole Foods. Don’t get me wrong, I love Wegmans, but Whole Foods is just a magical little land.

My very first combination arrived yesterday, here’s what was in it:

photo (40)


You can barely see it, but on the left, there is a bag of the World’s Most Delicious Granola. For Christmas, my sister got me some vanilla-pomegranate granola from Whole Foods that was absolutely delicious. This one was blueberry almond and I can’t get enough of it. It is the best blueberry-flavored ANYTHING that I have ever tasted. I’ve been putting it in oatmeal and yogurt. (I also brought a small bag to work “for my yogurt” that I busted out by 10 am and proceeded to devour in two minutes flat.)

She also included a jar of dark chocolate Peanut Butter & Co. peanut butter. SO delicious. It’s like the best of the Nutella and Peanut Butter lands combined into one lovely little container.

I am very excited about our healthy food swaps. Now the ball is in my court so I better get thinkin’ about some of Wegmans’ Finest.

And now for the retrieved pottery:

photo (43)


When Chloe was home for winter break, we went to a local pottery store where you can pick out your piece and paint it yourself. It’s actually a lot of fun, my only beef is that there is a $10 studio fee which I think is a tad ridiculous, but I don’t go often. Just the other day, I finally picked up my new sign!

I was really looking for something that I could use and enjoy every day. Granted, a sign isn’t particularly “useful,” but I thought that the message was just perfect to stick on my desk. Believe in yourself, believe in others, believe in good… all very important things to keep stuck in my brain when the going gets stressful. I actually spent two sessions at the store painting this because I really wanted to make sure that the final product was something that I was happy with. (Previous outings to this place have resulted in some lack-luster pieces…typically my impatience gets the better of me and I surrender early on.) I am loving this one though!

I think that’s all for tonight, folks! I will leave you with a picture of the ridiculously wintery wonderland that is WNY…

photo (44)Oh hey there, snow. What up?

Early Riser Run & NUTrition

This morning, I managed to do something that I rarely convince myself to do; I woke up at 6  and made it to the gym bright and early before an 8:00 shift at work! I was so proud of myself that I think it fueled my run and I ran a steady 2.5 miles and barely felt a thing! (Seriously, HOW did that happen!? Maybe my mission to become A Runner is finally making headway!)  After that, I did a new ab routine that I discovered last night. Although For some reason, I am inexplicably self-conscious doing any sort of mat work at the gym unless it is in the context of a group exercise class. Even though everyone is there to exercise and everyone knows what the mats are for, I always get very nervous and end up feeling like I will make a fool of myself! I definitely need to work on that. But exercise balls and medicine balls and dumbbells and Bosu things and jump ropes and kettle bells are quite intimidating! (But then again, maybe it’s just me… 😛 )

Anyway, after the abbreviated version of that workout, I headed back home and got ready for a full day of work.

I was a little upset at myself because I definitely did not make the healthiest choices at work today, but as I have said many times, I have gotten so much better about not beating myself up over little missteps and not using it as justification for slipping back into lengthier stretches of bad decisions.

After work, I ran about 104 different errands all in less than an hour and ended up making this little purchase at Target:

It’s Planters’ new NUTrition butter. It’s basically crunchy peanut butter with berries mixed in. I ended up putting it on half of a Thomas’ English Muffin (the 100 calorie Multigrain muffins are a MAJOR staple of my daily diet. I eat at least on per day!) and eventually topped it off with my favorite combination of coconut and honey. It was a tasty little treat and the peanut butter was DELICIOUS. My favorite part about it was definitely the texture.  I would love to use this as a dip for apples. I also bet it would be great in some recipes. My only beef is that the jar is significantly smaller than a typical jar of peanut butter and it is actually quite a bit more expensive.

There are a bunch of different butters though, including a banana granola one (which I almost chose instead). They are all based off of the Planters’ NUTrition nut mixes and they all sound delightful.


Tomorrow is Thursday! That means it’s BodyPump day! I am so psyched. Nothing like some good iron-pumping to get the day off to a good start.

Until tomorrow…