Best Body Boot Camp- Coming Soon!

Guess what I received in my e-mail the other night….



You probably remember that back in December, I mentioned that I was going to give a different kind of boot camp a try– an online one. It was $25 and I thought it might be a fun way to shake up my routine in the new year.

When I registered for Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp, I didn’t realize how much would be involved with the program! I kind of figured that there would be new workouts sent out every week that you’d complete and move on. As it turns out, it’s much more of a whole-program sort of affair. There are goals involved, prizes, online tracking. The worksheets that I printed out last night add up to some pretty hefty packets that I’ve been perusing carefully. I am quite excited. I already have noticed some new workout moves that I’m not familiar with. Also, it looks like this plan will be (finally) pushing me out to the weight floor in the gym that I am oh-so-scared of!

One thing that I’m very excited about is the fitness progress test. There are several different challenge tasks (such as holding a plank) to test your broad fitness level. It’s kind of nice that there is this built-in progress barometer. Also, seeing improvement is always motivational, right?

I must say, I was quite excited to have so many sheets of information. I have always loved my worksheets!

In other news, I found an alternative CPR/AED class (since the first one that I registered for was inexplicably cancelled!). It’s the exact same course in a significantly more convenient location and costs much less. I’ll take it! Looks like someone might earn their fitness instructor certification this winter after all! 

Today has been a nice day of relaxing at home, but soon I will be off to do some tutoring and babysitting. (On that note, I recently realized that if I could make an even remotely lucrative living from it, that I would be more than happy having about 12 piece mail, “freelance” jobs and calling it a career. I could be the world’s only personal trainer/ writer/ tutor/ babysitter/ nanny/ secretary. Sweet deal, no?)

Best Body Bootcamp Registration Complete!

First of all, days four and five of the 25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge.

  • 4. What is your favorite Christmas song? This is my favorite Christmas song this year. I listen to it constantly. At the gym, at home, in the car. I ran 2.5 miles to this song last week with minimal interruption:

  • 5. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? I suppose this changes every year, but one Christmas gift that I will never, ever forget is my one and only American Girl Doll. These dolls were ALL the rage in the 90s, particularly for girls ages 6-12 and the year that I finally got mine, I felt like the most special kid in all of the universe. I distinctly remember the shape of the box under the tree and I knew exactly what it was. Also, my sister had decorated the tree with American Girl Doll pictures that she had cut out from one of my catalogues. 😛

And now, for the crux of the matter!

BBBCThat’s right. I’m going (back to) Boot Camp! It’s OFFICIAL. (See? I even have the nifty little image to show for it.) After some hemming and hawing, I finally decided to go for it and register for the Best Body Bootcamp. While my venture onto the Bootcamp scene the first time around didn’t deliver the results that I had hoped for (by a LONG shot), there were some things about it that I enjoyed. Additionally, I really like the idea of having workouts set up for me and a plan-in-hand when I head out to the gym. This is particularly true in the cold, bitter, brutal, windy, dark, dank, dismal, blah months of winter. (I think my desire for a neat and tidy workout regime accounts for at least 25% of my half-marathon goal. 😛 ) Anyway, I think this will be the best of both worlds: Bootcamp-style workouts with nice little worksheets to follow.

ON THAT NOTE. The registration fee is $25 and I think you should all register with me because I’m scared it would be so much fun to have an interactive Bootcamp experience. PLUS, the program begins on January 7th which, at least in my experience, is when the New Year’s Resolution-y angst and desire to be “better than ever before” strikes hard. SHOULD you decide to participate as well and share the joy with little ‘ole me, you have until December 31st to register! As I mentioned, it’s $25 for eight weeks. See the FAQ here: If you are thinking of joining in on the fun, please comment here and let me know!!

Hope you all have a great night and a good day tomorrow.


Buh Bye, Boot Camp


I feel obligated to begin this section of todays post with a disclaimer: I am not a quitter!

(That doesn’t sound promising, does it?) Well here is the scoop. This morning, in a strange twist of events, I actually went to boot camp! (If you have been following along with the blog for a bit, you have probably noticed that this ridiculous boot camp class has an uncanny tendency of either a) being cancelled or b) falling on a day when I absolutely cannot attend.)

So today, I begrudgingly dragged my profoundly tired, over-worked body out of bed this morning around 7:15 and got ready to head out to boot camp. I regret to inform you that I also think this will be the last time I “head out to boot camp” even though the schedule technically runs until January! –That is if I can get my money back.

I really enjoyed the first session of this class back in September. It was was fast-paced, challenging and fun. Things went downhill from there!

First of all, I absolutely hate that the class isn’t set to any music! The only music is whatever is playing in the background of the gym where it’s held (often times, that ends up being cartoon music that the radio station is playing to be quirky on a Saturday morning!). I really do rely on some quality jams to keep me motivated and to help keep up a good pace.  Next, it really irks me that the instructor NEVER does the routines.  And now, for the real clincher that is specific to this week: the class was HORRIBLE and actually semi-unsafe. To make a long story short, the second half of the class ended up consisting of something she called the “Filthy Fifty.” (I actually think this is a spin-off of a CrossFit routine. It wasn’t exactly that, but I am pretty sure that is where she got the idea.) The circuit included several moves including push-ups, sit-ups, dumbbell thrusts, wall-ball (throwing medicine balls at the wall over your head) and slam-ball. As you could probably imagine, she made us do 50 reps of each move right in a row. Now, I haven’t completed any sort of fitness certification yet, but I do know that the reason why circuits are split up into SETS is because it’s not safe to complete that many reps in a row. It’s not any more beneficial, and it is nearly impossible to maintain good form throughout all of that even if you’re the fittest person alive. I was SO incredibly frustrated. I have been to dozens and dozens of different fitness classes and I have never felt like that! Total disappointment. I really hope I can get my money back.

The rest of my day was filled with a brief trip to the town’s farmer’s market, some more visiting with my sister and then work. Work and more work. I can not BELIEVE how exhausted this weekend has left me feeling. I love it when it’s busy at work, but sometimes, I am just ready to fall over!

Breakfast yesterday was a whole wheat bagel topped with pumpkin spice cream cheese (does anyone sense a fall-flavor obsession? I certainly did as I headed out of the door yesterday with that bagel and also a cup of pumpkin coffee with pumpkin spice creamer stirred in!)


I have to tell you, yesterday I was at the grocery store and found the holiday coffees already on display. Eggnog, “Mistletoe” and Gingerbread flavors. Even I (in my infinite love of EVERYTHING Christmas) couldn’t bring myself to stock up yet, but just you wait until November. Woah baby.

I was also insanely proud of myself for brining a reasonable dinner to work last night. I usually forget to pack something of substance so this was quite a treat:


That right there is a bowl of whole grain and brown rice with slices of rosemary chicken! SO much better than a donut. 😉

Hope you all had a great day!!

Feel The Burn!

I lift things up and put them down. 

(Just for the record, I don’t actually go to a Planet Fitness gym, I just love that commercial.)

I haven’t written for TWO whole days! That just won’t do, will it? The last couple of days have been quite hectic and filled with many, many hours at work, but I actually got out a little early tonight and was able to enjoy a reasonably timed dinner which was lovely. I also had some free time this evening which has allowed me to write this post for you lovely people! 🙂

Now, for the main event. I have been talking about it for weeks. I tried time and time again to find a class that fit my schedule (which proved to be quite difficult!), but I finally did it- I made it to a BodyPump class!! (Two, actually!)

The first Pump class that I attended was last Thursday.Naturally, I overslept. Now, before you judge me, I must point out the fact that I am NEVER late for ANYTHING. I know that I have frequently commented on my inability to wake up early (especially on my day off), but I was never late for a single day of high school. In my four years at college, I only overslept for ONE class. On this day however, I woke up at 9:27 (the class started at 9:30). (I was even up and ready before this. I actually got dressed for class and when I realized that I had a couple extra minutes to spare, I figured that I would close my eyes briefly before I had do leave for the gym.) <—DUMB IDEA.

Anyway, in my rattled frenzy, I decided to race over to the gym anyway (it is less than five minutes away. So handy!) and see if I could maybe still sneak in. If not, I planned to just carry on with a typical workout session. When I arrived, the lady at the desk told me that the class had just started and that I could still join them. I flew in the room and quickly got everything ready. (Fortunately for me, I had read up on the proper BodyPump weights and setup ahead of time like the good little nerd that I am. 😉 )

The class was very small- there were only about eight people! The instructor was friendly and energetic and the time FLEW by.

Apparently every class is set up the exact same way. The session began with a warmup and followed with a segments of squats, chest, back, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders, and abs. The class finished off with a cool down which was more than welcome after hammering EVERY MUSCLE GROUP KNOWN TO MAN.

Check it out guys, it’s the first barbell that I have ever lifted. Ever. I know you were waiting for this incredibly blurry picture of an only halfway-assembled BodyPump station. Get a load of this:

 This is the lightest weight that I had my bar set at through the class. You can rearrange your plates depending on which muscle group is being worked (obviously, you can stand much more weight when the legs are being worked versus the triceps.)

Anyway, I absolutely loved the class. The music was fun and I LOVE the barbells. I swear I can feel myself getting stronger after just two classes! I will definitely be making this class a staple in my weekly workout regime. I am very glad that it lived up to my expectations after I waited to along to attend! It was also great that I was just pleasantly sore the next day. I could definitely tell that I had worked hard, but I was incapacitated (as I was after the first Boot Camp class!)

I did make it to another session this morning which was also fun, but the class was PACKED. Who knew that 97% of my town decided to wake up extra early on a rainy Saturday morning to set up their BodyPump stations at the gym!? Seriously. The class PACKED. I arrived to this one 15 minutes early and there were only two spots left and the plate rack was close to empty. It ended up working out just fine because it forced me to use slightly higher weights that I sort of felt like I should have been using last time anyway. I actually really liked all of the opportunities to switch the plates around. It was very nice to had such a customizable group exercise experience. I also think it is probably very nice for people who are new to strength training as you can go at your own pace and go as light as you want. It was surprising to me how different the two instructors’ teaching styles were. I definitely preferred Thursday’s class to today’s, but they were both a blast.

Typically, I have my Boot Camp class on Saturday mornings, but it was cancelled this week for the holiday! (Because WHO would ever be so remiss as to attend a BOOT CAMP class on the eve of the eve of Columbus day?!?! Jokes.)

Anyway, I am still loving the gym membership and these classes are just too much fun! Although apparently, it wouldn’t hurt to start showing up an hour or two early. 😉

Now it is time for some reading and bed. I have been feeling off for the past few hours and I am not sure why. All I know is that this better go away by morning because I have to be at work briiiiight and early tomorrow! I also have an outing scheduled with my mentee! More on that tomorrow! 🙂

G’night all!


I Skipped Boot Camp. Please Don’t Tell.

I know what you’re thinking. Actually no I don’t, but please don’t be thinking that I’m a terrible slacker!

I had full intentions of going to class this morning and just taking it easy, but somewhere around 1:45 am when I was STILL awake and coughing and congested and felt a little bit like an elephant was sitting on my chest, I decided that I should probably take a pass on the 7:45 am class and give myself one more day to sleep in and hopefully kick this cold to the curb. I realized that this is the first time in about three years that I’ve had a cold and I don’t much like it! I’m feeling 250% better than I was the other day and I definitely think it’s on its way out. I must say, in retrospect, those few extra hours of sleep this morning were definitely worth the sacrifice of pretending to be Rocky for a morning.

I also must give some well-deserved credit to NyQuil. I hate taking cold medicine– or any medicine really, but the past few nights, I haven’t been able to sleep so well so I finally caved and took a NyQuil before bed and I must say, I have never felt quite so rested as I have the past few nights. It is a magical, magical little capsule and I’m so glad because let me tell you, the past few ridiculously busy days of work would have been absolutely dreadful following a terrible night’s sleep!

My boot camp snow day this morning means that I have missed out on four whole days worth of exercising! I really do not enjoy that fact, but tomorrow I will be jumping right back into the saddle. I  have even planned out exactly what I will do upon my big return. I found two excellent full-body circuit workouts that I plan to complete. I am also SO psyched because the gym has expanded their Les Mills schedule and there is now a BodyPump class on Mondays! That means that I should be able to hit up my first ever barbell class this week on my day off! Hooray!

Now for something unrelated to my cold. I am hoping that someone can help me out with my workout wear conundrum.

First of all, I must say that I LOVE running gear (it’s actually probably about 50% of the reason that I love running. Just kidding. But really.) I love tank tops and running sneakers and running shorts.

These are my favorite ever:

They are Under Armour’s Great Escape Shorts. And they’re fantastic. They’re breathable and come in a zillion wonderful color combinations and the waistband means business. They stay put which is fantastic. I can’t recommend these enough for running and other cardio workouts. They are wonderful and I love them.

But here comes the problem. As you have probably noticed, my workouts have shifted from lots and lots of running to more classes and strength-based things and my favorite staple shorts just aren’t cutting it anymore! They’re not quite long enough for things such as the ridiculous moves in boot camp or my new favorite conditioning class that involve a lot of squatting and lunging… Additionally, as fall is upon us, I have to find some more seasonally-appropriate gear and I just don’t know where to start!

I would love to hear about your favorite workout gear so please, do share!

A Return to Boot Camp

Oh well, hello there.

Have you ever been so tired that it took ALL of your strength to keep your head upright? That’s kind of how I feel right now and I’m not sure why, but I am ready to crash for the night. But first, a post. Or some reasonable facsimile.

This morning, I woke up bright and early (actually, it wasn’t that bright) for boot camp. Class number 2 left my legs feeling like LEAD. There were a lot of squats and lunges involved and also this:

Do you remember these things from when you were little? 


See, back in the Good ‘Ole Days, you’d hop all of your cares away on these giant, inflatable things in the backyard. Those were the days when your legs were spry and able to those kinds of frog-like things.

Now, imagine a bouncy ball about HALF that size and trying to hop across the ENTIRE LENGTH OF A GYM FLOOR (TWICE) on it, all before 9 am. Not a pretty sight, my friends. Not at all. I don’t think I’ll be able to walk tomorrow. Thanks, Sarg. (Katie and I also came very close to getting nicknames in class this morning, but after not coming up with anything right away, the instructor settled on “The New Girls”–creative, no?)

I’m actually not sure what this was about, but every time we did a lunge or squat, my quads were killing me! It felt like my legs were super tight and the top was almost tingling! Definitely not cool. Hopefully I just wasn’t fully warmed up. My sister always tells me that I don’t stretch enough, maybe she’s right about that. I very rarely stretch around my runs which is probably a very bad idea.

After boot camp, I headed over to the new gym (I signed up for this boot camp class before I was considering actually joining a gym, in case you were wondering what’s up with that.) I decided to become an official member which means that I’ll get all of the perks that are associated with full membership including extended access hours, unlimited courses and a free personal training session. I’m quite excited. I also scored a free water bottle, t-shirt and pear. What more could I have asked for?

After a cup of my favorite coffee and some scrambled eggs made with fresh spinach, it was time to head off to work which flew by pretty fast.

Nothing much else to report! I signed up for the personal training session this Monday so I will be sure to share that with you. I’ve done one other session before a couple of years ago at a gym that I joined just for the summer months. It was actually pretty fun and informative (even if the trainer did make frequent comments that I could never decide whether or not to be offended by. For example: “You probably don’t believe this, but larger hips in women are actually evolutionarily adaptive!” (Read: You have giant hips.) ) Hopefully this one will be a little less… blunt. 😛 I am definitely hoping to learn more about how to use the machines at the gym that I always run away from a little more efficiently. I suppose actually using them might be a good start.

There are also two group classes on Monday that I’m interested in trying out. So I’ll have to figure out which one I want to test out!

I think that’s all she wrote for tonight! Until tomorrow…