Bye, Bye BodyPump and Resume-Writing

Welcome all!

I didn’t have to be at work until 1:00 this afternoon which provided me with a very nice, relaxing morning. After lazing around the house for an extra couple of hours this morning, I finally made my way to the gym. (Fortunately for me, since my eating habits have been less-than-stellar this week!)

Since I waited so long to make it out of the door this morning, I didn’t have a ton of time so my workout consisted of three short bursts on three different cardio machines. I did twelve minutes on the treadmill, followed by twelve minutes on the elliptical and completed the cardio-confusion with twelve minutes on the racing bike. It ended up being the perfect combination of activity for me and left me feeling the burn! I really like switching up machines because just when I’ve had enough of one, it’s time to hop on the next! I was really hoping to squeeze in an arm workout, but that just didn’t happen.

And now, I have a shocking announcement to make. Are you ready?

…I think I am going to abandon BodyPump for a little while.

(Insert gasp here.)

I know, for weeks. I have been RAVING about how wonderful this class is. I have talked about what a great workout it is, about how fantastic I feel afterwards, about how quickly I have seen results, but I have decided to take a pause from the ‘Pump. Why? You ask? Well, I have noticed that as time progresses and I have been attending classes pretty regularly (more or less, heh…), that I am seeing results, butt (<– Freudian slip? I think not.) not the kinds of results I want!

I swear, I am not one of those overly-critical, self-depricating people. Generally, I am pretty happy with myself and I am very happy with the progress that I have made since June. This is without a doubt, the longest that I have ever stayed on any health and fitness “kick”, and I have even gotten to the point where I can allow myself to stray here and there (I’m sure you recall many references to cookies “the size of my face” that I’ve eaten at work) and still maintain my momentum. BUT, there are a few things about myself that I’m not crazy about. I have enormous shoulders and traps (we’re talking swimmer’s shoulders), and I have never been able to trim down my thighs. Both of these things drive me nuts, but fortunately, the size comes from muscle and not fat, so that is a bonus. But as I continue with these classes, I have noticed that my legs and shoulders are continuing to grow along with the hip/glute. region. I know, I sound absolutely ridiculous. Just about anyone that you talk to will insist that women will NEVER bulk up, at least not with typical exercise, but evidently I am some strange exception to this little rule. 😉

Anyway, I think I will be reverting to my old ways of frequent cardio + circuit routines to hit various muscle-groups. No squats allowed! (I should note that I do LOVE the energy of the ‘Pump classes and maybe I will still attend occasionally, maybe just once a week instead of several times. Also, this hiatus is certainly a temporary one, I am just curious to see what the difference will be!)

In other news, the majority of my time as of late has been spent revamping, re-writing and editing my resume which is one of my very least favorite things to do. There are SO many variables that it gets to be quite a pain. Fortunately for me, a good friend of mine is working as an editor and she is a fantastic writer so she offered to take a look and offer her suggestions. Now it is time to apply the tips that she gave me and see what I can do!

Tomorrow’s agenda is made up of an afternoon at work and an evening outing to Wreck It Ralph. I’ve heard great things about this movie so I am quite excited. 🙂

Happy (almost) Friday!!

The Yin-Yang of October

You are not going to believe this. Guess what was cancelled AGAIN. Boot Camp! I was so disappointed. I actually really do like the combo deal of strength and cardio that the class offers and it always succeeds in making me woefully sore for days. <— The jury is still out on whether that is a good thing or a bad thing…

I decided to swing by my gym and hit up a BodyPump class instead. Fortunately, the room was far less packed than it was last Saturday. The routine was switched up a bit and some of the music was different which kept the session interesting. I am still playing a bit of a guessing game with my weight loads. There are some tracks that I know I could go higher on (for example back and legs), but other tracks I always seem to load my plates up much too high. Today I could barely finish the chest track with the weight that I had on my bar even though I thought I had gone a bit lighter than last time! In my opinion, the chest and shoulder tracks are definitely the most difficult portions of the class.


This chest move right here nearly killed me today:


Sure, it looks innocent enough, (heck, they’re lying down!) but ohmygoodness did it HURT! At one point, you are doing what they call “bottom halves” where you are pressing the bar up but never extending your arm fully, just halfway.

Somehow, I managed to skip breakfast this morning other than an apple that I had on my way home from the gym. Lunch consisted of a cup of Dunkin’ Donuts’ hazelnut coffee and also a whole wheat bagel with some peanut butter. I was actually shocked by how the bagel kept me full for just about the whole day.

And now for the main point of this whole post. The yin-yang of October.

The month of October has always been one of my very favorite months. I absolutely love fall. I love everything that comes along with autumn in New York and I know that if I ever move out of this area, I will miss this season like crazy. There are so many fun things associated with this time of year– hayrides, scarecrows, fall festivals, pumpkins, halloween, comfort foods. The list goes on and on! Even the clothes of fall are hard to beat. On top of that, my mom’s birthday is in October (Monday!) and so there is always an element of birthday-ness associated with October as well and I LOVE birthdays.

At the same time, I can’t help but to feel a little bummed around this time of year. In the midst of racing around at work and (in the past, not this year!) also having school just starting to kick into full gear at this time, I often feel like I am missing out on something. It is the end of the beautiful weather. The end of summer, the start of franticness (is that a word!?) and also for some reason, halloween always makes me feel OLD. It is always around this time each year that I start to wonder where the year has gone. It makes me think about things that I wish I had done or “should” have done. I started to think about all of those things today and it got to be a little frustrating and so now, I am going to make an active effort to enjoy this time of the year that I love so much to its very fullest. Instead of getting wrapped up in the hectic nature of this time of year, I am going to try to get back to how I felt about all of this when I was just a kid. Thrilled to be carving pumpkins, eating apples and enjoying the spooky fun that is Halloween.

Even though October seems to bring the Yin-Yang Effect along with it, I think it’s about time I get back to enjoying it as I always have before!

Well, I think that is all she wrote, folks. Work is bright and early in the morning and I am hoping to squeeze a workout in before I go. If you spend any time at all on Pinterest, I am sure that you have seen the motivational exercise quote that states something to the effect of “You’ll never regret a workout.” Apparently, that is supposed to serve as motivation to wake up early and get your keister out of bed and exercising. Today that exact phrase popped into my head, but I couldn’t help but thing “true, but I have regretted waking up too early…” 😛 Hopefully I will make it to the gym at the crack of dawn as planned!



Feel The Burn!

I lift things up and put them down. 

(Just for the record, I don’t actually go to a Planet Fitness gym, I just love that commercial.)

I haven’t written for TWO whole days! That just won’t do, will it? The last couple of days have been quite hectic and filled with many, many hours at work, but I actually got out a little early tonight and was able to enjoy a reasonably timed dinner which was lovely. I also had some free time this evening which has allowed me to write this post for you lovely people! 🙂

Now, for the main event. I have been talking about it for weeks. I tried time and time again to find a class that fit my schedule (which proved to be quite difficult!), but I finally did it- I made it to a BodyPump class!! (Two, actually!)

The first Pump class that I attended was last Thursday.Naturally, I overslept. Now, before you judge me, I must point out the fact that I am NEVER late for ANYTHING. I know that I have frequently commented on my inability to wake up early (especially on my day off), but I was never late for a single day of high school. In my four years at college, I only overslept for ONE class. On this day however, I woke up at 9:27 (the class started at 9:30). (I was even up and ready before this. I actually got dressed for class and when I realized that I had a couple extra minutes to spare, I figured that I would close my eyes briefly before I had do leave for the gym.) <—DUMB IDEA.

Anyway, in my rattled frenzy, I decided to race over to the gym anyway (it is less than five minutes away. So handy!) and see if I could maybe still sneak in. If not, I planned to just carry on with a typical workout session. When I arrived, the lady at the desk told me that the class had just started and that I could still join them. I flew in the room and quickly got everything ready. (Fortunately for me, I had read up on the proper BodyPump weights and setup ahead of time like the good little nerd that I am. 😉 )

The class was very small- there were only about eight people! The instructor was friendly and energetic and the time FLEW by.

Apparently every class is set up the exact same way. The session began with a warmup and followed with a segments of squats, chest, back, triceps, biceps, lunges, shoulders, and abs. The class finished off with a cool down which was more than welcome after hammering EVERY MUSCLE GROUP KNOWN TO MAN.

Check it out guys, it’s the first barbell that I have ever lifted. Ever. I know you were waiting for this incredibly blurry picture of an only halfway-assembled BodyPump station. Get a load of this:

 This is the lightest weight that I had my bar set at through the class. You can rearrange your plates depending on which muscle group is being worked (obviously, you can stand much more weight when the legs are being worked versus the triceps.)

Anyway, I absolutely loved the class. The music was fun and I LOVE the barbells. I swear I can feel myself getting stronger after just two classes! I will definitely be making this class a staple in my weekly workout regime. I am very glad that it lived up to my expectations after I waited to along to attend! It was also great that I was just pleasantly sore the next day. I could definitely tell that I had worked hard, but I was incapacitated (as I was after the first Boot Camp class!)

I did make it to another session this morning which was also fun, but the class was PACKED. Who knew that 97% of my town decided to wake up extra early on a rainy Saturday morning to set up their BodyPump stations at the gym!? Seriously. The class PACKED. I arrived to this one 15 minutes early and there were only two spots left and the plate rack was close to empty. It ended up working out just fine because it forced me to use slightly higher weights that I sort of felt like I should have been using last time anyway. I actually really liked all of the opportunities to switch the plates around. It was very nice to had such a customizable group exercise experience. I also think it is probably very nice for people who are new to strength training as you can go at your own pace and go as light as you want. It was surprising to me how different the two instructors’ teaching styles were. I definitely preferred Thursday’s class to today’s, but they were both a blast.

Typically, I have my Boot Camp class on Saturday mornings, but it was cancelled this week for the holiday! (Because WHO would ever be so remiss as to attend a BOOT CAMP class on the eve of the eve of Columbus day?!?! Jokes.)

Anyway, I am still loving the gym membership and these classes are just too much fun! Although apparently, it wouldn’t hurt to start showing up an hour or two early. 😉

Now it is time for some reading and bed. I have been feeling off for the past few hours and I am not sure why. All I know is that this better go away by morning because I have to be at work briiiiight and early tomorrow! I also have an outing scheduled with my mentee! More on that tomorrow! 🙂

G’night all!