The Life and Times of a Nut

Today was quite a day indeed. A day full of re-organizing and re-evaluating and planning and strategizing. Projects, projects, projects galore!

First of all, riddle me this, SINCE WHEN DOES GAS COST $4.10 a gallon!?!?!? I am quite seriously considering looking into a horse-drawn carriage for transportation.

As I poured $12,000 worth of gas into the tank, I darted in to Dunkin’ Donuts and picked up a cup of coffee, since I am apparently incapable of waking up in time to brew a fresh pot at home these last couple of days before darting out of the door!

photo (33)

Wake-y, wake-y!

We all know that I LOVE my Starbucks. If I were a rich girl, I could drink café mistos and chai tea lattes each and every day of my life. However, I must give credit where credit is due, Dunkin’ Donuts makes a mean cup of plain brewed coffee. I’d choose that over Starbucks brewed any day of the week. Their “specialty” drinks don’t really hold a candle to my S-bucks.

After a morning full of e-mails, phone calls and budget meetings, it was time for lunch.

I can't even handle the originality. Look out, Iron Chef.

I can’t even handle the originality. Look out, Iron Chef.

Seriously, this madness must end. I love yogurt and I love bananas, but I simple cannot spend the next gazillion years of my life eating a cup of yogurt and a banana for lunch. It just won’t do. I think it’s time for some kitchen experimenting. The kind that won’t result in this:

photo (34)

Again, don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love these protein bars. They taste like candy and pack a 20-gram protein punch. What’s there not to love? I’ll tell you what. Redundancy.

So far, I have gotten a couple of suggestions for healthful (<– I originally typed “healthyfull” and couldn’t figure out what was wrong…oy.), filling lunches on-the-go, but I need more! Someone, please save me!

photo (35)

2:00 brought an afternoon pick-me-up in the form of a Keurig cup ‘o joe.

photo (37)

And when that wore off, I turned into a crazy person! (this lovely photo comes to you curtesy of reverse-camera mode on my cellphone after making sure that my hair was “decent.” (It wasn’t…)

SO yet another day has come and gone sans-gym (which could do wonders with explaining the mad woman pictured above.) While it’s not a good excuse, that darn keytag really is to blame! (Or more like the fact that I LOST the darn keytag.) I haven’t made it home at a reasonable hour when the front desk is staffed, so I have been unable to reeplace it, which means that I can’t go to the gym “after hours” because I can’t swipe in! Vicious cycle! BUT someone finally has a Saturday-Sunday combo off, so hopefully I can tackle that this weekend and get right back into the swing of things next week.

Hope you had a fantastic night and I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow!

This Is Your Brain Without Gym Time…

Hello friends!

Today was yet another day full of fun and holiday cheer. Despite the fact that my furry friend had to visit her arch nemesis the vet briefly this morning, I had a lovely day off that was filled with cookie-baking and tree-trimming.

My mom had the day off as well and it was fun to spend the day at home decorating, baking, and cleaning. Yes, that’s right I actually said it was fun to clean. 

While we are on the topic of Christmas, (a topic that has made an appearance in every post since the month began! 🙂 ) Let’s hit up the 25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge question of the day: When/ How did you learn that you-know-who wasn’t you-know-what? One year, I asked for a puppy. I was SO insistent on adding a furry addition to our family that I actually refused to ask for anything else. That Christmas, Santa left me a letter explaining that it wasn’t a good time for a dog, but that someday when the time was just right that I would get one. That letter was written in awfully sisterly handwriting and that is what initially tipped me off. I think I actually ended up forgetting about that and convinced myself to believe for another two decades. (What is that you say, I’m just barely two decades old?! Why yes, that’s true! NEVER STOP BELIEVING.)

Ehem. Now, on to the topic of this post!

And so, we have tiptoed to day number Way Too Many To Bother Counting of not going to the gym. Granted, I’ve thrown in a couple of random workouts here or there, but it’s been a while since I’ve really put the pedal to the metal. As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been planning to get my butt back in action on Tuesday (which is tomorrow), but in the meanwhile, here are some discoveries that I have made during this unintentional hiatus from the gym:

  1. Slower to wakeupI typically workout in the morning. That is not to say that I always head out at the crack of dawn, but gym time is generally the first thing in my day. When I have had my workout, I am in total game mode by the time I return home, but if I skip the gym, it takes me hours to fully wake the brain up. Getting ready happens in slow-mo.
  2. I eat like a pig: So there’s that whole thing where you burn calories when you exercise and can end up feeling quite hungry afterwards. Sure, that happens to me, but I don’t refuel with good, muscle-repairing nutrients. Instead, I eat Christmas cookies by the truckload.
  3. Fitness pinning/ researching increases exponentially: Apparently, if I’m not doing it myself, I have to find evidence that at the very least, others are working out. I spend a lot more time reading fitness blogs, pinning new workouts to Pinterest and flipping through old health and fitness magazines. Strange, no?
  4. Overall fitness mentality does a backflip: Fortunately for me, this “break” has been much too short to notice any real change in my appearance (or even in topics 1-3 of this list), but if I stayed at it (or stayed not being “at it” for much longer, I know exactly what would happen because it has happened before (i.e.: end of senior year!). Any weight gain between two and twelve pounds leads me to change my whole outlook on appearance and weight maintenance. In no time flat, I can convince myself that I look better with a couple of extra pounds. That I don’t want to fit into the “skinny mold” and that I’d rather be happy and pudgy that thin and sad. I also suddenly decide that anyone who can’t love me regardless of my weight doesn’t deserve me at all. (Enter Helen Reddy, I am Woman here.) Now of course, this is not at all the way I actually feel at all! I feel awful about myself when I don’t exercise and when I eat horribly and it has absolutely nothing to do with my weight in particular, nor does it have anything to do with what anyone else believes. Also, I definitely think that choices should be made for you and only you. Do what makes you feel best, what will have the best outcomes for you and what will make you happiest. But regardless of all of that, a few days of “bad behavior” and suddenly, I am redefining everything I believe!

So either which way, it is high time for me to hightail it back to the gym and get my gears in motion again!

I hope you had a great Monday!

I Found a Friend

Today is one of those days where I have been go-go-going all day long. I got home very late from work tonight and I know one thing is for sure; when my head finally meets the pillow tonight, it won’t be but 15 seconds before I fall asleep!

Let’s talk about chance.

So early this morning, I decided to scrap my original plan of attending my BodyPump class and thought that instead, I could cash in on a few extra minutes of sleep and head to the gym a little bit later than usual and do my own thing instead.

I headed out about 45 minutes later than I normally would since I wasn’t trying to make a scheduled class. My workout this morning consisted of a two mile run (today was one of those days where it took me the entirety of the first mile to get in the groove) followed by an ab routine that I have done many times with Jordan (but that didn’t seem to prevent me from forgetting what came next and feeling like a total fool even in the complete isolation of the fitness room at the gym where there wasn’t another soul watching me…I have definitely realized that I absolutely need to write down what I plan to do when it comes to any exercise that I coordinate myself. I need to have a hardcopy plan to follow otherwise I get distracted, forget things and tend to slack off!)

So then it was time to head home and something very bizarre happened.

As I drove down a busy street on the way back to my house, I stopped the car dead in its tracks to avoid hitting something that was cute, furry and lumbering towards me!

It was a dog! –a chow, specifically!

Naturally, the first thing that popped into my head was that the dog could very easily be hit by oncoming traffic. I was so nervous because I could tell that it was an older dog and she was headed towards a  very busy street. I got out of the car and approached my new furry friend. Almost immediately, the dog rolled over right in the middle of the street waiting for me to rub its belly! As I am sure you can imagine, by this point, she had me hook, line, and sinker. I opened the door to my car and in she jumped!

I drove around the neighborhood several times looking for anyone who was either looking for a lost dog or who had ever seen it before since it didn’t have a collar or any tags!

To make a very long story short, I ended up bringing the dog to work with me and called the town animal control. Just minutes before my call, they had received a panicked phone call from someone looking for a dog that fit my description perfectly! Within half an hour, both the officer and the owner of the dog showed up at my job and Sasha was reunited with her owner.

So here’s the strange part. I knew the owner. Not from living near me, but from previous BodyPump classes. In fact, I actually helped her set up her station and choose her weights the first time she attended class. What a crazy, crazy coincidence. How strange is it that I decided to skip class today and just happened to run into that dog on my way back from the gym at a time when I NEVER normally would have been traveling that route? The very grateful owner told me that she had gone to the grocery store and when she returned home, the dog (that had never escaped in twelve years!) was gone! I can’t even imagine that! So scary!!

Such a cutie. I am so, so glad that this crazy story had a happy ending! And I wasn’t even late for work! 😉

After that, I had a full day of work and some extra work-related stuff afterwards. I finally made it back home around 12:15 and I was STARVING. Since I was way to tired to even think of making myself a “real” meal, I settled on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…that I later decided to turn into a “grilled” peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A little quirky, but it was tasty and satisfying.

Just like grilled cheese! Only not…

Just in case there wasn’t enough sugar and weren’t enough carbs in that little deal, I scarfed two slices of a delicious red velvet chocolate cake from work:

I could eat 4,000 pounds of that delicious little bread. It is a VERY good thing that we only buy it about once a year.

And now it is time for me to go to sleep. Goodnight all!




Turn It Around


When you hear this story, you will probably do two things. First of all, you’ll laugh. And then you will wonder why you bother reading the blog of a crazy woman.

The fact that this exact same series of events (nearly) happened last week only makes matters worse. 

So tonight after work, I decided that it was time to head out for some gym time. I was rearing and ready to go with a cardio plan in my head and a new ab routine that I copied down in hand. I drove the short distance to the gym and drove past the window. What did I see but about 450 fellow gym-goers. Machines were racing and weights were flying left and right. I pulled into a parking spot. And sat there for a solid two minutes debating whether or not to go in. I turned the car off, I turned the car back on again. I turned the car off and on once again. I did (yet another) loop past the window and pulled back into my parking spot. I was fully convinced that I was actually going to walk in this time. Instead, I drove back home and never looked back. (FORTUNATELY, I did finish the ab workout and also a leg workout at home which is good because otherwise I would feel like a complete and utter failure.) Anyway, let us call this an Exercise In Flexibility. And also a glimpse into the life of a socially awkward fitness fanatic. 😉

For those interested, here are the two workouts that I managed to complete: 

1. Legs: The Glamour Magazine Miniskirt Workout  (this one usually KILLS my legs, but I think I may have finally worn it out!) 

2. Abs: Runner’s Workout (this one is new to me, but I really enjoyed it! Additionally, this article has some really interesting information about the mechanics of running and the muscles involved. I highly recommend it.) 

Dinner tonight was kind of a bust. I had a five-piece chicken nugget and baked potato from Wendy’s. Semi-tasty, but not particularly nutritious and not particularly filling. 

In other news, I have been continuing to research half-marathons in an attempt to find the perfect race for me for 2013! Things are gettin’ surrrreous! 

Tomorrow morning I am due in to work quite early, but the plan is to get to sleep early tonight and make it to the gym before work! 



Gym Shopping: STILL a no-go.

Hey there! As many of you know, my darling little doggy will be going to the vet to get all fixed up within a few days. I’m glad that they figured out what’s up quickly and are able to address it, but I’m quite concerned about her and haven’t been doing much “fun stuff” the past week or so. Apparently, I consider shopping for a new gym “fun stuff” as that is what I’m thinking of right now! Ever since my last gym pass expired a week or two ago, I’ve had it in my mind to check out a few new places, but I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. I really am a very easy customer to please, but there seem to be very few places that fit my very few criteria! One of my biggest things is that I want open space. I know this sounds dumb, why would you pay big bucks to go to a…room? Well, here’s the thing. We all know that all gyms will have the standard treadmills, bicycles, ellipticals etc. That’s all fine and dandy, but you know how I love my circuit workouts. I really don’t have a good spot at home for this so I’d love to be able to throw them in around my machine time. So basically, a local gym could make me very, very happy by having some very simple things. A large and open room, a couple of mats, some dumbbells, maybe a stability ball and a Bosu ball. That’s it! SO hard to find though!

Anyway, today’s workout was my favorite leg routine that I got from Glamour magazine a few years ago. (Check it out here. Don’t bother doing it if you have to walk within the four days following it because you will be sore. Sore. SORE.) I also added in Jordan’s arm moves that use 10 lb. dumbbells which are good because they’re pretty basic, but pretty effective.

Food today wasn’t particularly exciting. For breakfast, I had a bowl of oatmeal with about a tablespoon of chocolate chips thrown in (this is one of my very favorite breakfast treats. When I first started the chocolate chips thing, I mixed them in. Big mistake. But if you just throw them in and don’t mix them, they get all melty and delicious and ohmygoodness I could eat 15 bowls a day.) I had lunch at work so that had to be quick and simple: a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with some concord grapes and a banana. I also had a cup of blueberry yogurt sitting in the cooler that I completely forgot about. Apparently, I either a) forget my yogurt in my car and it goes bad during the day or b) I remember to put it in the cooler, but I forget to eat it at lunchtime. Such a reliable memory 😉

In other news, yes I DO still miss school terribly. Someone, GIVE ME A TEXTBOOK.

Time to make up a bowl of overnight oats and hit the sack!

I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow.

A Gym-in-a-Box!

Apparently, my defeat of the 3.5 miles yesterday did something funky to my hip so I decided to take a one-day vacation from Workoutland. I’m thinking a laid-back, after-dinner walk might be just what the doctor ordered though!

Smoothie-less Sunday: In other news, a while back, I found a recipe online for a key lime smoothie. It involved key lime yogurt (my FAVORITE flavor), graham cracker crumbs, protein powder and a couple of other delicious things. The base of it was frozen banana (which apparently is a thing now! I noticed in the grocery store the other day that there is actually an “ice cream maker” that makes “soft serve” out of nothing more than two frozen bananas. Who knew!?) Anyway, I’ve been looking forward to this just about all week and planned to have it after work today, BUT silly me forgot to freeze the bananas. Ergo, no smoothie for me.

…So. Time for key lime PIE instead? Wait, what!? Who said that?!??

Preparing to be GYM-LESS:  That’s right guys, for a few days, I will be completely gym-less! So what does that mean? Time to pack up my very own gym-in-a-box. Granted, it doesn’t hold a candle to an actual gym, BUT it’ll have to do!



Gym Box!

Jillian… a medicine ball, yoga mat, couple of dumbbells. We’ll see what happens!

Feeding the Birds: Today also happened to be the day for an outing with my mentee friend. I didn’t have a ton of time today, but we decided to hit up the park and feed the ducks pigeons. There is this cute little shop near the park that sells bags of cracked corn to feed the MILLIONS of ducks that hang out there. However, my buddy decided to take the road less traveled and fed the birds/ pigeons/ robins instead. Granted, it was thoughtful (she insisted that everyone else ignored them so they must be MUCH hungrier than the ducks), but I felt a little ridiculous 😛

I am also quite sure that the lovely bike-riders didn’t much enjoy the 2 billion birds flocking the sidewalks! Either which way, it was definitely a successful outing, even though it was about 104 degrees out!

Duks in the water

Ducks leaving…they were quite insulted.

Annnnnd here come the birds. This is about 1/40 of how many were there by the end of the FIFTH bag of food.

Anyway, Happy Sunday! I will see you again later tonight. For now, I think I’ll go find a way to make the freezer work a little faster.