About 5ks and Coffee Beans

The idea for this blog has been rolling around in the back of my mind for a few years now, but as I made my way through college, I knew that I wouldn’t have much time to be a reliable blogger (learned that one the hard way)! I finally decided that with my newly discovered free time and my new life goals set into motion that this might just be that perfect time that I have been waiting for. Enter: 5ks and Coffee Beans.

Coming up with the perfect name for this blog proved to be quite a challenge! I knew that I wanted it to be something unique, but also something that people could relate to. I really wanted to come up with a name that would somehow describe not only what the blog was about, but that would also tell something about me. After much brainstorming, polling and trial-running, I settled on 5ks and Coffee Beans and I think it’s just right! As you’ll soon discover, there are few things that I really love. Two of those things just happen to be fitness and coffee. Over the years, I have set COUNTLESS fitness goals for myself. They’ve included: running a half-marathon, earning a black belt, participating in a triathlon… the list goes on and on! While I haven’t completely surrendered these lofty goals, I have realized something. In order to get there, I have to take baby steps. Much like I’ve started off diet after diet with fervor (low-sodium, high-protein, low-fat, high-fat, low-cal, SoCal (not really…), I realized that the more extreme I make my goals and approaches, the LESS likely I am to follow through. So instead, I decided to set my sights high, but to keep my pursuits manageable. That’s when I decided to register for my first 5k. It’s coming up this September and I’ve spent all summer getting used to running again. I feel more prepared than I ever would have imagined! Although a 5k isn’t an extremely long distance, I know that this race will be a great springboard to launch me closer to the longer races that I’ve always dreamt of. This 5k is what got me back on the path to living a fit life and so I thought that it deserved a spot in my title!

Next up are the coffee beans! Somewhere around the second semester of sophomore year, desperation and too many all-nighters (along with an on-campus Starbucks) led me to the magic that is coffee. Ever since then, I start just about every morning off with a fresh cup. I love just about every kind of coffee. Hot, cold, flavored, classic. You name it, I’ll drink it! Granted, excessive amounts of coffee aren’t good for you. Similarly, coffee with 14 pumps of sugary syrup and whole milk aren’t great either. I like to think that I have the whole moderation thing down, however. A cup or two a day and I’m feeling like a million bucks. It’s a magical little brew that can take me from zero to hero with just a few swigs. As I mentioned in the tagline, this whole blog is intended to be about the things that help me to live a healthy and happy life, and the things that keep me running (literally and figuratively). So take my most recent motivation (the 5k) and one of my favorite diet splurges (coffee coffee coffee!) and you’ve got 5ks and Coffee Beans– the two things that have recently kept me rolling. One day I will share some of the alternate titles that I came up with. Some of them are pretty ridiculous!


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