Get Ready to 5k! (And Peanut Butter by the Spoon)

I am going to start off with the main event here. For those who are interested, a brief recap of my day will follow at the end!

And now, let’s hash out the details of the big giveaway!


I have TWO entries for the Rochester Color Vibe 5k to giveaway, read on to find out how to win yours! 

The contest will run from FRIDAY, MARCH 15th to WEDNESDAY, MARCH 20th! Two winners will be selected after 5:00 pm EASTERN TIME on Wednesday, March 20th by random selection!

Here’s how to enter:

1. Between 3/15 and 3/20, comment on TOMORROW’S POST and tell me why YOU want to run a 5k, and most importantly, why the Color Vibe sounds fun to you!

2. Tweet a message to the effect of “Entering to win a race registration” or “So excited to Color Vibe!” to @5ksCoffeeBeans and @colorvibe on Twitter, then comment on tomorrow’s post so that your name is re-entered into the drawing!

NOTE: That means that you can have up to two entries for this giveaway. Sorry, only one pass per person though! 

I am so unbelievably excited to share this giveaway with all of you. For anyone who has been following this blog since its early days, you likely know that the namesake is the ColorVibe 5k that I participated in last summer.

Tomorrow, I will share MY Color Vibe story with you and how I came about discovering it, but in the meanwhile, read my recap of the 2012 event here! Officials with the race tell me that this year’s event is going to be different in a big way: MAJOR music improvements (think: DJ, Production company, emcee) and more color. Lots and lots of color. I assure you, last year’s event was a BLAST and a half, so I can only imagine what this year will be like!

More details on the 2013 event tomorrow!!!

Are you ready? I sure am.


And now for the (unrelated) recap of life in Brittanyland.

Apparently, today was this kind of day… 

photo (99)

That will absolutely never happen again. I cannot even tell you how much of that jar I consumed with a SPOON. (I actually had the jar for mixing up a cup of my new favorite cookie dough yogurt combo, that didn’t happen however.)


Tomorrow’s a new day, right?

After work, I was able to catch up with two friends over a lovely bowl of fro-yo. (Which I failed to snap a picture of, but let me assure you, it was as tasty as could be.) As much as I absolutely love seeing friends, I cannot BELIEVE how quickly my evenings fly by, especially on the nights when I go for an (even very brief!) outing. Getting home after 6:00 each night to begin with makes the rest of my time just breeze right past me. Dinner. Blog. Bed. Dinner. Blog. Bed! I love my new job and feel so lucky to have it, but the schedule is taking some getting used to!

In other news, the pedometer challenge is off to a bit of a rocky start. I haven’t been running in recent days and just haven’t been clocking those steps! Fortunately for me, we are only 4 days in, so there’s plenty of time to catch up! (It also doesn’t help that I temporarily misplaced the pedometer either…)

Happy Friday, my friends! I have yet another adventure this weekend, but I will do my best to check in at least a couple of times. (HOPEFULLY YOU WILL ALL BE BUSY COMMENTING AWAY!)


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