An Early Morning Treat

Every-other Friday, meetings at work bring me in to the office at unreasonable hours. (To be fair, it really wouldn’t be so unreasonable if I worked closer to home…)

In an effort to a) curb some unnecessary spending b) cut my coffee drink calories and c) give me a good reason to get myself ready and out of the door on time on those early days, I’ve made a little deal with myself! Twice a month, on meeting mornings, I allow myself a cup ‘o my precious little Starbucks!

Yesterday, I treated myself to a large (errrr, sorry. A venti) cafe mistoI cannot tell you what a HUGE difference that made in the tone of my morning! It was such a wonderful early Friday kick-off!





Hooray for shady car pictures! (Also, don’t be fooled by the light outside of the window. This shot happened pre-6:15 am.)

And now. Get ready. I finally managed to assemble a filling, healthy lunch for myself yesterday that incorporated leftovers from the night before. Yes, I know. Throwing leftovers into a container to bring to work really isn’t a complicated task, but I never, ever manage to do it. (Just read last week’s posts!) I was quite proud.


That looks pretty disgusting, no? Well let me assure you. It was absolutely delicious. Yesterday’s lunch included a small, breaded pork chop. Mashed potatoes (made with both white potatoes and yams for some added nutrition and a hint of sweetness—sooo good. You MUST try that combo!) and roasted brussels sprouts. I could eat that meal every day for a year.

Unfortunately, I only half-won the Epic Food Battle yesterday. Since it was an especially long day with an evening event and an early meeting, around 3:15, I knew it was time for an afternoon snack, especially since, at that point, dinner was still many, many hours away.

Enter: A whole wheat bagel and peanut butter.




Peanut butter.

(Utensils are for losers.)

A little bizarre. Slightly uncivilized, but quite filling and very tasty! One day, I’ll get the whole shebang together: breakfast, lunch, dinner. Maybe some snacks? I can make this happen.

In other (extremely exciting) news, I received a very special present at work:


A KEYBOARD. A real life keyboard. I know, it sounds stupid, but can I tell you how unreasonably obnoxious the keyboard on my work laptop is? It makes me want to cry every time I type on it for any extended period of time. This new puppy will revolutionize my workdays. Hey, it’s the simple things!

And on that technological note, off I go. I hope you had a great night and I will see you all again soon!

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