Spring Fever: 2013

It happens just about every year.

You know the feeling…

Suddenly, your work thoughts turn to: “Oh look! Crocuses!”

Your driving time goes from, “ANOTHER red light?” to “Is that a BIRDY I hear??”

Despite the fact that the temperature is just four degrees above where it was at Christmas, suddenly, you’ve convinced yourself that you can shed your coat. In fact, bring on the capris…

The air smells a little bit different, the sky is a little bit bluer, the days are ever-so-slightly-longer and the store shelves are suddenly filling up with hollow chocolate bunnies.

That’s right, kids. It’s Spring Fever time.

I don’t know about you, but I am feeling the itch more than ever before. But this is the part where things get tricky. Sure, it’s March, but truth be told, there’s likely still some winter left ahead of us. I can’t seem to stop thinking about last year, when the middle of March brought temperatures in the seventies and wall-to-wall, sunshine-y days! I suppose I shouldn’t wait for that to happen again though.

I don’t know about you, but I am finding my winterly-muddled mind to be quite distracted by springtime thoughts!

Is there anything in particular you’re looking forward to this spring? For me, I can’t wait to begin training for my FIRST-EVER half marathon. Additionally, the months of April and May bring some (more!) exciting trips for work that I am looking forward to! (And let’s not forget my very favorite season for new clothes! Bring on the colors!)

I hope you have a great night! Let’s hope that tomorrow turns out to be a gym day… I’ve got the infamous bag packed, but something tells me that the over-crowded parking lot may prove to be enough to scare me away. Must resist the urge to run! (…away, that is…resist the urge to run away. Running is a good thing!)

And now it’s time for bed. I will see you all tomorrow!

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