A Chocolate Expo

Hello, hello my friends.

This girl has been one weary traveler who was just a tad lax on the blog front over the weekend! I hope that you had a fantastic weekend. Thanks for coming to read today!

For the sake of being at least a little life-savvy, I didn’t divulge where I was headed to this weekend, but now I have all kinds of fun to fill you guys in on.

This weekend’s trip took me to the distant land of Chocolate Expos. Holy. Chocolate. The fare this weekend included: chocolate-covered Twinkies, chocolate-dipped Oreos with BACON (yes, folks. The vendor just behind us was a chocolate-bacon pro. Strange combination, I wasn’t a huge fan, but my love for Oreos prevailed and I scarfed one down with due speed.) I also discovered some of the most amazing chocolate confections on this side of Paris.

Let it be noted: this weekend was NOT one of fitness-filled or diet-friendly days. Thank goodness it was a WHIRLWIND tour that lasted less than two full days.



Another vendor at this expo came from New York. 5th Avenue Chocolatiere. After trying a small sample of their “Signature Truffle,” I was immediately smitten.

photo (91)


I have never, ever tasted anything quite like those little truffles. They are THE most decadent, smoothest, chocolate-iest candies in all of the land. I could have eaten the whole box in one sitting. (For the record, I didn’t…)

Check them out at:  http://www.5thavenuechocolatiere.com/truffles/cocoa-covered/index.php.

Beyond that, my weekend was filled with lots, and lots and lots of driving. Driving and working and face-planting-on-beds-and-falling-asleep-ing.

photo (89)


Thank goodness for free days and time off, because BOY did I need a breather today!


And that’s all I’ve got for today! I hope you had a great day and I will talk to you tomorrow! (Really, this time.)

2 thoughts on “A Chocolate Expo

  1. Sounds like you had fun! I’m waiting for you to send my my chocolate lol. You can send me the truffles but I don’t want that oreo-bacon thing, that is definitely a strange combo haha :).

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