All My Baaags are Packed, I’m Ready to Go.

Hello there! Happy Friday!

The title of this post is a lie. It is 100% false. But my bags should be packed…

Tomorrow, I am headed out of town for the weekend! Bright and early in the morning, I will be making a voyage to a town just outside of NYC for work. Even though it’ll be a pretty short trip, I am quite excited to skip town for a couple of days and to see a new place. Traveling for work really isn’t something that I thought I’d ever do or enjoy, but these trips are proving to be really great experiences. I cannot believe how quickly I am meeting new people and learning all sorts of new things. And plus, in a few months time, I’ll be a more efficient traveler than Mr. Ryan Bingham of Up in the Air.


Well hello there, Mr. Clooney.


Have you ever seen Up in the Air? It’s one of my very favorite movies. It’s definitely not the most cheerful movie that I’ve ever seen, but it is thoughtful and smart and… well, see image above. Gotta love the Clooney.

On the stupid human front, somehow, I managed to hurt my foot today and it is still bothering me! I don’t know exactly what I did, but when I was jumping out of a van and onto the pavement, somehow, I slammed my foot down JUST right to send a shooting pain right along the arch. I really hope it’s nothing serious. Or even anything that will make standing on my feet for HOURS at a time this weekend too terribly miserable. 😦 Stupid pavement! (Errr…stupid me?) 

On a very different note, for some reason, I was one sleepy lady today! Very sleepy and verrrrry hungry. Speaking of hungry, how about you follow me on my Quest for Alertness and Satiety that lasted all the live-long day.

Ehem. Let us begin:

photo (85)

Around noon, I resorted to an extra cup of coffee to light a spark, which it only did halfway. (Oh hey, have I ever mentioned how much I HATE Keurig machines? They coffee just does NOT cut it for me! I don’t know what the deal is, but I have tried everything: different K-cups, different amounts of water. Today I even added some of my favorite flavored creamer and I still just couldn’t get behind it! For some reason, it always tastes like hours-old coffee to me. I guess I will be sticking to the old fashioned coffee pots for myself!).

And then came the snacking.

First, it was an orange. 

photo (83)

An Orange Orange on an Orange Plate!

Somehow, that seemed to make me hungrier. So next, I dug into the snacks that I had stocked earlier in the week:


How exciting! Not. (A word to the wise: don’t stock sweet things in your stash of snacks for when you’re “desperate.” They’ll be gone in 14 seconds flat. Kind of like those yogurt covered raisins… I don’t want to talk about it.)

Eventually, I caved and went for the Kashi bar:

photo (84)

Quite tasty, but STILL not filling!

I also devoured a cup of Oikos Greek yogurt. It was a flavor I had never seen before: Vanilla and Toasted Coconut! It was kind of bizarre, but pretty tasty.

So I think the moral of this story is that next week, I really need to make the time investment and prepare some lunches ahead of time for myself as I was doing a couple of weeks ago. What a remarkable difference a fully and happy belly can make in a workday! Oy vey.

And now it is time to stop just TALKING about packing and to actually get my rear in gear and DO it! 

Tomorrow, I’ll be off to the tropical land of 45 degrees! I will take it! (Is it sad that 45 degrees actually really does sound warm to me?)

I hope you have a great night and I will talk to you tomorrow! Happy weekend!

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