A Frazzled Morning

Hello everyone!

Today proved to be an extremely productive day at work, but boy, was it off to a bumpy start.

I am not entirely sure what faction of Murphy’s Law causes this, but it seems to me that ANY TIME I make plans for myself for “first thing in the morning,” I end up sleeping later than EVER and rushing through my morning. I hate frenzied mornings and I am a firm believer that what happens in the moments after you wake up can really set the tune for your whole day. But this morning, I rolled out of bed about 45 minutes after my alarm went off, took twelve thousand years to get the coffee pot working and for some reason, spent about three times as long choosing an outfit and getting dressed than I typically do. There came a time where there was some serious emotional strife that was directly related to the color of my socks. I was quite a treat. Anyway, I hurriedly dumped some coffee in a travel mug and rolled out of the door with still-wet hair, no real lunch to speak of and some serious frustration.

I must say, however, that ONE of the perks of having a significant commute is having that time to get your bearings. Even though I felt like a tornado racing through the house this morning and left in utter disarray, I had PLENTY of car time to get my wits about me, let the caffeine sink into my bones and work its magic and zone out to some tuneage. Not a bad deal. (Except for when it comes to gas and mileage…eesh.)

Fortunately, it was also a GORGEOUS morning. (Albeit FREEZING COLD.) Check out the view of the lake:

photo (72)


Not too shabby, eh?

So by the time I got to work, I was feeling MUCH more like a reasonable, normally-functioning human being which was quite a relief. I managed to tackle some major tasks today that I was pretty proud of! Part of my morning even had me crunching numbers OLD SCHOOL style. I even figured out percentages and sales discounts BY. HAND. Yes, I know, this is not complicated math, but my math skills leave MORE than a little to be desired. I was so happy, I saved the sheet of scrap paper that I used to make the calculations. Perhaps I should stick it on the fridge. 😛

And best of all, my evening actually loaned itself to some good, old-fashioned gym time. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it before the front desk closed which meant no access to my favorite multi-activity room (that’s where I like to do my circuits/ ab workouts), but I did get a good cardio workout in which is good news. Especially since 2013 is turning out to be the Year of Races afterall! Helllllloooo 10ks!

I hope you had a fantastic day and I will see you all tomorrow!

I seriously need to work out a new alarm clock system… Sheesh.

1 thought on “A Frazzled Morning

  1. Yeah I hate it when the start of my day isn’t as organized as I wanted it to be. I guess you could try setting a general goal like leaving the house on time. Maybe everything else will fall into place 🙂

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