The Life and Times of a Nut

Today was quite a day indeed. A day full of re-organizing and re-evaluating and planning and strategizing. Projects, projects, projects galore!

First of all, riddle me this, SINCE WHEN DOES GAS COST $4.10 a gallon!?!?!? I am quite seriously considering looking into a horse-drawn carriage for transportation.

As I poured $12,000 worth of gas into the tank, I darted in to Dunkin’ Donuts and picked up a cup of coffee, since I am apparently incapable of waking up in time to brew a fresh pot at home these last couple of days before darting out of the door!

photo (33)

Wake-y, wake-y!

We all know that I LOVE my Starbucks. If I were a rich girl, I could drink café mistos and chai tea lattes each and every day of my life. However, I must give credit where credit is due, Dunkin’ Donuts makes a mean cup of plain brewed coffee. I’d choose that over Starbucks brewed any day of the week. Their “specialty” drinks don’t really hold a candle to my S-bucks.

After a morning full of e-mails, phone calls and budget meetings, it was time for lunch.

I can't even handle the originality. Look out, Iron Chef.

I can’t even handle the originality. Look out, Iron Chef.

Seriously, this madness must end. I love yogurt and I love bananas, but I simple cannot spend the next gazillion years of my life eating a cup of yogurt and a banana for lunch. It just won’t do. I think it’s time for some kitchen experimenting. The kind that won’t result in this:

photo (34)

Again, don’t get me wrong, I love, love, love these protein bars. They taste like candy and pack a 20-gram protein punch. What’s there not to love? I’ll tell you what. Redundancy.

So far, I have gotten a couple of suggestions for healthful (<– I originally typed “healthyfull” and couldn’t figure out what was wrong…oy.), filling lunches on-the-go, but I need more! Someone, please save me!

photo (35)

2:00 brought an afternoon pick-me-up in the form of a Keurig cup ‘o joe.

photo (37)

And when that wore off, I turned into a crazy person! (this lovely photo comes to you curtesy of reverse-camera mode on my cellphone after making sure that my hair was “decent.” (It wasn’t…)

SO yet another day has come and gone sans-gym (which could do wonders with explaining the mad woman pictured above.) While it’s not a good excuse, that darn keytag really is to blame! (Or more like the fact that I LOST the darn keytag.) I haven’t made it home at a reasonable hour when the front desk is staffed, so I have been unable to reeplace it, which means that I can’t go to the gym “after hours” because I can’t swipe in! Vicious cycle! BUT someone finally has a Saturday-Sunday combo off, so hopefully I can tackle that this weekend and get right back into the swing of things next week.

Hope you had a fantastic night and I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow!

1 thought on “The Life and Times of a Nut

  1. That’s crazy that the gas was so expensive, lol. Here in Blacksburg it’s a little over 3 bucks but just seeing that 4 in your post scared me, lol. I guess it’s not much of a difference but I’m really tight with my money and I love deals 😀 :D. You should try the donuts at Dunkin’ Donuts because they’re soooo good, just don’t ever do it though 🙂 They have the Valentine’s day donut, it’s heart-shaped and it’s cream-filled 🙂

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