The Racin’ Itch

Hello my friends!

This weekend hasn’t been particularly exciting. (Aside from the fact that it was filled with a lot of chocolate. Oops.)
So here’s the scoop: I’ve got an itch. A racing itch.

Granted, I’ve only run one race in my whole life and it was a 5k, BUT, I made a deal with myself that 2013 would be a year full of new experiences and running challenges. The Boilermaker in Utica, NY was going to be the piece de resistance of my summer, little did I know that the race filled up within about 12 hours of the registration opening! I thought that since it was a 15k, it would be a totally perfect race for me to serve as a middle point between my 5k in the spring and a half marathon in the fall, but apparently that’s just not going to happen this year!

So now, I am left trying to decide what I can sign up for. I’m thinking that maybe I will work on time for the spring 5k instead of just “running it” as I did in the fall. I am hoping that having a specific goal would put some pep in my step during my runs leading up to race day.

But now I’ve got a hankering for something bigger. I am ready to commit to getting myself prepared for a full-length half-marathon (is that an oxymoron?), even though I’d still love to squeeze a 10k or 15k in before the main event.

So now I’m left trying to find just the right one!

If any of you have any experience with running 10ks or 15ks, I’d love to hear your stories. Particularly if you used them as a stepping stone towards a longer race!

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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