Switching Purses

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The topic for today’s blog post is entirely random and came to me as I was getting ready for my morning late last night.

Since my morning today did not include a trip to the gym, you’re stuck listening to me ramble about purses! (For those of you waiting with bated breath to find out whether or not I was able to wrangle some cardio machine or mat time today, you must wait until this evening’s post.)

And now, for the main event.

As you know, I love my accessories. I don’t spend much money on them, but I like to have quite a selection. Take purses, for example. I have a big box full of purses and wallets and wristlets and they are all my friends! (She says as if that is a perfectly normal thought.)

Last night, I decided to switch things up from a big, tote bag-style purse that I’ve been using to a very small wristlet and it was then that I discovered the meaning of life  started to think about some random personality quirks and “slices of life” that can be seen just by shuffling through the innards of a handbag.

You would think that a purse would be sort of like the answer to one of those “if you were stuck on a desert island, what would you bring with you?” questions. For example, there are a few completely random things that you will never, ever catch me without. (And if you do, lookout, because chances are you’ve crossed the path of a monster.) But I really hope I would re-evaluate my choices if I were planning to land myself on a desert island.

These things include:

  • Bobby pins: Toting 12,000 pounds of curly nonsense around on my head has instilled in me a deep-seated fear of ever being caught without one (or ten) of these miraculous little devices.
  • A flash drive: This probably stems from my college days where I’d be shuffling between home, school and work like it was nobody’s business. Being caught without a tangible way to save my work was my worst nightmare. Never leave home without your flash drive.
  • A protein bar: This may be the most logical, potentially useful one. These suckers can really fill you up. When I get hungry, I get incredibly tired and cranky and a stowed-away protein bar has saved many-a-day from ending in a fit of malnourished frustration.
  • A combination lock: This one comes from being a member of a gym that doesn’t have enough lockers for all of its patrons. I HATE being stuck without a lock and having something that I want to stow away (like my coat… or my boots… or even my keys!) Sure, it would make sense for this to stay in my gym bag, but I don’t use a gym bag. So there goes that idea.

How many of these things would help in a natural disaster? Probably none. Maybe the protein bar. (At least for an hour or two), but as I said, they are entirely random and 100% me.

Switching purses is like starting anew. You get rid of the junk– the old receipts, the half-opened sticks of gum, the wadded up balls of who-knows-what and you put everything into a proper place. Somethings just don’t make the cut, but for the lucky ones that do, there is a special little place for everything and everything must go in its place.

Of course, some big life decisions come with switching purse sizes. If you’re upgrading, what do you do with all of the space? Do you find something to fill the void or do you enjoy the freedom of carrying all of your groceries home in your purse? If you’ve decided to downsize, now you’ve really done it: how many lip glosses make the cut? Do you actually need that last volume of Time magazine “just in case you get stuck somewhere and your phone runs out of charge and you have absolutely no choice other than sitting down and catching up on the world news?” What about that flashlight that you won’t have space for anymore? Sure, you don’t need it, but that’s always the case until you really, really need something, isn’t it?

So what things always make the “purse cut” for you? Are you a serial purse-switcher or are you one of those people who can stick with the same one for months and you just happen to be a little better about organizing it than some people I know (coughcoughmecoughcough)?

I hope you have a fantastic day and I will see you all tonight! (Hopefully I will have wonderous tales of how I made it to the gym this afternoon and had my choice of every machine in all of the land and frolicked about on the open floor and jumped from free mat to free mat where I completed 1,000 different ab exercises on each one just because I could. But I doubt it.)

2 thoughts on “Switching Purses

  1. I think I got the main purse I’m currently using for my 12th birthday. In my opinion, any bag worth its salt (traditionally, I have purchased purses with gifts of salt) has to have (in addition to my wallet and stuff) chapstick, a mirror, gum if at all possible, and above all else a pen. Paper’s not so important because of all the old receipts and stuff just waiting to be scribbled on. I feel like if I were on a desert island, I would be happy to have the chapstick and the pen, which I would use to prevent sunburn and record my final perishing thoughts, respectively and in that order. : )

  2. lol, the way you described what happens when you empty your purse is the same exact thing that happens with mine. No matter how many times I say I’ll keep it more organized, it just never seems to happen 😀

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