Z is for Zumba

This evening quickly became a whirlwind of activity.

Chloe and I had made plans to crash our parents’ Zumba class tonight! Zumba is actually one of the few group fitness classes that I had never attended until tonight.

Prior to the class, Chloe and I made a mad dash to my gym for a quick cardio workout. It was about 500% more crowded than it was the last time I said that it was over-crowded. I love my gym so, so much, but I seriously can’t handle these crowds. First of all, it is ridiculously LOUD. On top of that, it’s impossible to find space for my favorite circuits/ mat workouts. It is nearly impossible to get machine time. The parking lot is ALWAYS full and finding a locker is like finding a truffle without a pig.

I am seriously hoping that the madness dies down once people settle back into their normal schedules and once the novelty of New Year’s resolutions dies down a bit. I so loved my gym time up until the past week or two and I would really hate for it to become a nuisance. We shall see!

Next, it was time to Zumbaaaaaaaaa!



The class that we dropped in on is one that was friendly for all ages so it was very low-impact and relatively low-key, but that didn’t mean that it was easy!

I couldn’t believe how much trouble I was having keeping up with some of the moves! There was quite the combination of merengue, African dance and even some Gangnam Style!

I must confess, my coordination level is next to zero. Apparently, I left even the faintest ability to follow any beat whatsoever behind me at those college senior nights.

What I really loved about this class was the fact that the instructor didn’t push too much. She wasn’t one of those ridiculously loud, up-in-your-face sort of instructors and I really enjoyed that. The class was simply about having fun and moving which I think is such a great message to send to a class with such a wide range of abilities experience! Time and time again she said “It’s all about staying active and having a good time while you’re doing it.”

photo (9)

Time to Zumba! (Why are my pictures always so dark? I should really work on that…)

I have been in ten zillion different fitness classes and the ones that I have enjoyed the most have had that same air of fun and positive motivation. Also, despite the fact that it was a toned-down version of the class, my arms were feeling the burn from the five-pound dumbbells that I was holding throughout most of the class!

It was also a lot of fun to be there with a bunch of people I knew. It really was like a party! (Ya know, the motto is “Zumba: Join the party!” Ha!)

Since my earlier post covered my CPR class and not any of my edible endeavors, I have to quickly share my mid-afternoon snack with you. It was oh-so good.

Now we all know how much I love my oatmeal toppers, right?

Well today I thought I’d jazz things up a bit and try something new:

photo (7)I got this jar of Mocha Espresso Sauce for Christmas and let me tell you, this stuff is the greatest. It can be used in coffee, on ice cream, and apparently it even makes a fantastic oatmeal topper. The sauce is actually intended to be heated, but instead I took a small spoonful and set it in a bowl of oatmeal along with my usual scoop of peanut butter. I typically add a little too much brown sugar to my oatmeal and this provided just the right amount of sweetness with an extra kick from the mocha flavor!

oatmealI could eat this stuff for three meals a day. Sure, it looks a little like garbage, but it was delicious. Find yourself a jar of this Stonewall Kitchen sauce and go to town.

I hope you have a great night and I’ll see y’all tomorrow!




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