Cardio Machine Triathlon

I am a fool.

Last night, (errr this morning…) I went to bed around 3:45 for absolutely NO good reason. I honestly don’t know how the time got way from me like it did. I was having some good conversations with a couple of friends on Facebook, but I also had gym time scheduled for 8:45 this morning. (I went. Sound the trumpets.)

Surprisingly, I had a great workout and was a sweaty mess when all was said and done. (Also, apparently everyone who resolved to go to the gym for this new year ALSO resolved to do it first thing on Saturday mornings…)

I thought I’d try something a little different today in order to keep my sleep-deprived, somewhat delirious brain cells awake; I split up my cardio time on three different machines. I started off with 12 minutes on the elliptical alternating between high resistance with lower speed and high speed with less resistance. Next up was the treadmill where I ran 1.2 miles at a good, challenging pace. I ended the whole shebang with 10 minutes on the stationary bike.

The treadmill was by far the most challenging component. My stomach felt like it was cramping up and the seconds were DRAGGING by. The elliptical was just about right– felt like a good workout, but I didn’t feel like I was dying. The bike, on the other hand, left something to be desired. I wasn’t maintaining much of a pace and didn’t really try to challenge myself in terms of resistance so it was kind of a drag. I definitely liked the order I tackled the machines in however. I always try to knock the treadmill out either first or second to get it out of the way.

After the gym, I had about .02 seconds to race home, make some coffee, shower and bolt out the door to a tutoring session. I really enjoy tutoring because it helps me to reactivate some of those facts that were relegated deep into the recesses of my mind ever since I graduated from high school. I was shocked at how much I remembered about the reformation! I also had way too much fun creating a study guide on how to write DBQs. I guess it’s that little portion of my heart that always wanted to be a teacher!

When I returned home, I was STARVING and made a quick little PBJ on a wheat bagel:

PBJ Bagel

(Check out the snazzy travel mug my mom got me for Christmas! Two of my favorite colors and BEST of all, it actually keeps drinks HOT. Woah baby.)

And then, despite promises to myself, lots of coffee and my very best efforts, I succumbed to a nap. I really didn’t mean to! I was planning to deprive myself all day so that I was ridiculously tired at a NORMAL time tonight, but that did not work. 

Rudy Nap 2

(Believe it or not, she was snoring when I took this picture. Yes, her eyes are also open. Goof.)

Strangely, last night I was quite tired until about 8 and then that was all she wrote. I felt like I could have run a marathon at about 2 am. Maybe babysitting woke me up! (It was quite a fun night of babysitting, we baked cookies together and read stories and played games and it was so fun. I love babysitting because it always helps to remind me of how much fun the simplest things can be– like baking cookies. Best of all, the charge calls me “Sippy.” I don’t know why this cracks me up, but I really will be so disappointed the day she figures out that my name is actually Brittany. Maybe we don’t have to tell her….)

After that, mom and I headed out to run some random errands. Deal of the day?


Some fun-colored kitchen supplies for the future apartment! All of that cost me less than $7! (By the way, I’ve been collecting kitchen supplies for the “future apartment” for quite some time now. I have quite a little stash. 😉 )

And now it is time for dinner and some reading later on! I think I’m going to try to stay away from the computer screen for extended periods of time tonight. I don’t know what has been with this whole “let’s not get tired until 4 am and even then, we won’t fall asleep for half an hour!” thing, but I could do without it! I know intense computer-time before bed isn’t great for that whole circadian rhythm thing, so maybe that will help!

Have a great night and I will see you tomorrow!

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