Best Body Boot Camp- Coming Soon!

Guess what I received in my e-mail the other night….



You probably remember that back in December, I mentioned that I was going to give a different kind of boot camp a try– an online one. It was $25 and I thought it might be a fun way to shake up my routine in the new year.

When I registered for Tina’s Best Body Boot Camp, I didn’t realize how much would be involved with the program! I kind of figured that there would be new workouts sent out every week that you’d complete and move on. As it turns out, it’s much more of a whole-program sort of affair. There are goals involved, prizes, online tracking. The worksheets that I printed out last night add up to some pretty hefty packets that I’ve been perusing carefully. I am quite excited. I already have noticed some new workout moves that I’m not familiar with. Also, it looks like this plan will be (finally) pushing me out to the weight floor in the gym that I am oh-so-scared of!

One thing that I’m very excited about is the fitness progress test. There are several different challenge tasks (such as holding a plank) to test your broad fitness level. It’s kind of nice that there is this built-in progress barometer. Also, seeing improvement is always motivational, right?

I must say, I was quite excited to have so many sheets of information. I have always loved my worksheets!

In other news, I found an alternative CPR/AED class (since the first one that I registered for was inexplicably cancelled!). It’s the exact same course in a significantly more convenient location and costs much less. I’ll take it! Looks like someone might earn their fitness instructor certification this winter after all! 

Today has been a nice day of relaxing at home, but soon I will be off to do some tutoring and babysitting. (On that note, I recently realized that if I could make an even remotely lucrative living from it, that I would be more than happy having about 12 piece mail, “freelance” jobs and calling it a career. I could be the world’s only personal trainer/ writer/ tutor/ babysitter/ nanny/ secretary. Sweet deal, no?)

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