I think I mentioned it in an earlier post, but I am typically not the type to make New Year’s resolutions. If anything, I do often find myself jumping on the dieting bandwagon each January, but that’s about it.

This year, I really didn’t intend to make resolutions either, but it just kind of happened. They were things that came to me in extremely random ways. One of them popped into my head when I was reading a book. Another came to me when I was feeling very down on myself and was trying to identity the source of my funky mood. Regardless of the source, I am very excited to make some changes and I think it will not only benefit me on a personal level, but also in my interactions with others, and even in my professional career.

From here on out, I plan to be more proactive about reaching my goals and doing the things that have always been rolling around in my head as “maybe someday” things.

For example, earning my certification to become a fitness instructor is something that has been stuck in my head for quite some time. Ultimately, I would love to also have a personal training certification under my belt, but for now, I can’t quite swing the $599 exam. I definitely think that teaching group exercise classes would be a lot of fun and it’ll definitely be a step in the right direction.

Tonight, I made one big leap in the right direction!

I registered for an adult CPR/AED course that will take place over the course of two evenings this month. In a strange little, nerdy way, I am actually kind of excited to hop back into a classroom again. Additionally, much like registering for that 5k got my (initial) running kick jump-started, I think that having a concrete stepping stone towards earning these certifications will help me make sure that it actually happens! And now I have some extra motivation to carry it through.

Who remembers those middle school days of American Red Cross CPR training? Too bad that’s not still active. 😉 I actually think they’ve changed the protocol since then!

Time to go give the SEASON PREMIER OF DANCE MOMS my undivided attention. 😉

Talk to y’all tomorrow!

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