Electronics Paranoia

This is one of those things that I know is the epitome of “first world problems.” (Pretty much any problem related to electronics or smartphones or anything like that would fit into that category, right?) But let’s talk nuttiness.

One month before graduation, the laptop that I had used for all four years of college crashed. It didn’t just crash, it self-destructed. It wouldn’t turn on at all. Immediately, I panicked and tried everything in my own repertoire that I thought could possibly bring it back to life.

All of my pictures, essays, songs were gone. I was a fool and didn’t have ANYTHING backed up. (Granted, many things I had e-mailed to myself and most of the pictures were still saved on various memory cards, but things like photo booth pictures were gone. And many of the less-important writing things that I had done were trapped in cyberspace forever.

I couldn’t believe it. With one month left, everything was gone. At the time, I was in the middle of a major research project for a class. It was ALMOST done and if I hand’t been required to upload periodic updates to an online panel, I would have lost all of that too. (At which point I probably would have just dropped out of college.)

Anyway, ever since then I have been EXTREMELY sheepish about ANY electronic change whatsoever. Whether it’s backing things up or plugging my phone in or really even just LOOKING at one of those items. Stressful. Stressful. Stressful.

Tonight, I was able to coerce myself into plugging my phone in and downloading my photos to the computer. The camera roll was starting to act a little on the slow side which was making me quite nervous so it was time.

Next up, I am quite excited because I have come up with a couple of (what I think are) very good New Year’s resolutions for myself. I won’t share the specifics just yet, but they are things actually came to me kind of randomly after a LOT of thinking about and consideration of OTHER things. I will tell you that it has absolutely nothing to do fitness or losing weight! (For once!)

Tomorrow morning I’ll be headed to the gym bright and early. Then I have some random, last-minute Christmas shopping to finish up before work!

Now, I know that I have missed several days for various reasons, but let’s pick up the Christmas challenge right here at Day 20: What is your favorite Christmas meal? Eggplant parmesan is definitely my favorite Christmas meal. My mom makes EXCELLENT (eggcellent?! HA.) eggplant parmesan and we always seem to enjoy it at Christmas!

I hope you have a fantastic Friday! Apparently, western New York will be seeing its first “shovel-able snow” tomorrow and Saturday. I LOVE snow at Christmas. In fact, in recent years, this is the only time that I care to see snow on the ground, but even more than a white Christmas, I want safe holiday travels for everyone who will be on the move!

I will see y’all tomorrow!

1 thought on “Electronics Paranoia

  1. Ooh, it snowed in MD yesterday but of course it didn’t stick, lol. It was nice watching it fall to the ground though :). I’m trying to come up with New Year’s resolutions too and hopefully we both stick to them throughout 2013 🙂

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