Finding your bearings in a world after an unthinkable tragedy is a tough thing to do. Many miles away, I feel the sorrow of Connecticut affecting my every thought. I have been saying extra prayers and feeling extra grateful.

The amount of time that an American flag remains at half-staff following a national tragedy has always seemed a bit arbitrary to me. It seems awfully hard to say when the showing of solidarity has served it’s sufficient purpose. ( I know that there are actual rules and regulations that govern the whole process, but you know what I mean.)

It’s a similar thing in figuring out the proper time to return to “routine” activities. When is it right to get back to “normal” blogging? I have decided to take one more post as a quite break in honor of the victims. It’s a virtual moment of silence for those who were lost. A tip of my hat to the stories of bravery and heroism that are cropping up.

As is the case in the aftermath of any significant incident in America, the media has gone into a complete frenzy. People are hypothesizing, brainstorming, and evaluating. Sometimes, there are things said that probably should never have been said, but everyone is hurting and they’re addressing it in ways that they feel are best.

Handling an event of this magnitude is particularly difficult. Hurricanes and natural disasters are awful, scary, life-changing events, but people know how to react. In this instance, no amount of money raised, help deployed, or crisis committees assembled will even begin to seal the holes. Benefit concerts and fundraisers won’t make a dent towards healing this sort of pain and that is a very scary thought. 

Tomorrow, my posts will resume in typical fashion, but for today I use this one additional post as yet another way to express my deepest, sincerest condolences to everyone affected by this horrendous occurrence. Certainly, that doesn’t mean that I will stop thinking about it. My thoughts, prayers and actions will continue to be colored by this terrible thing that has happened and I know that none of us will ever, ever forget.


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