Not Right.

My apologies for the lapse in posts the last couple of days.

It just doesn’t seem right to go on with Christmas Challenges and Workout Recaps. Not today.

As more pictures and headlines and news specials emerge regarding the horrific events in Connecticut on Friday, my heart breaks more and more.

I cannot express the sorrow and sadness that I feel for the victims, their families, and for the nation.

As we plow through the rest of the holiday season, let’s remember to be grateful for the wonderful blessings we have in our lives. I am horribly guilty of motoring through from one thing to the next without taking enough time to just appreciate all that I have.

When I first heard the news on Friday, my head was spinning. I thought it had to have been a mistake, there was no way that even the sickest, most unstable person could ever commit a crime so unthinkable. I hoped and prayed that my disbelief wouldn’t make a fool of me– there had to be a mistake, the news had been wrong.

That first day, there was only one thing that I could think of: my little babysitting charges. I knew that they were all safe and sound, likely causing some sort of mischief somewhere. I care about those kids as if they were my own and I don’t know what I would do without them. I couldn’t wait to give them big hugs and to hear their stories from school. It made me sick to my stomach to think of their tiny little peers who would never share those silly stories again. I realized what it felt like to feel so human and vulnerable and at the same time so wonderfully blessed.

So please just take a little extra time to just be grateful for all that you have and to think of those who have lost.

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