Happy Ninetieth Birthday, Brittany!

Well hello there. Thanks for stopping by!

You will all be happy to know that once again, I made my way to the gym this morning. I even managed to knock out a pretty good run once I got going. Although it was a rough start, I found my groove somewhere around .65 miles in (which is also when I was convinced that I had been running for three hours straight). Next, I reverted to my old “ten-minute” ab workout. Nothing impressive, but it’s nice to be back into the swing of this whole gym thing.

Later tonight after work and after running a couple of errands, I settled down at home to watch Parenthood and start up a new knitting project. (Holy Parenthood. I don’t typically enjoy dramatic shows, but this one has got me HOOKED.)

After my first knitting project turned into a lopsided, tangled mess, I started up a new hat. Now that I (kind of sort of) understand what I am doing a little bit better, I’m thinking this will go a little smoother. Maybe.

photo-133What a ridiculously dark picture of my very dark knitting project. Hah, better luck next time.

I also happened to make a most delicious discovery recently: Sugar Cookie tea. That’s right, kids. Hot tea that tastes just like a sugar cookie. As I mentioned yesterday, I enjoyed a lovely dinner with two of my college friends (who also happen to be sisters. Biological sisters, not sorority sisters!) but one of the girls happened to have sugar cookie tea that I had a cup of and I was immediately hooked.


photo-131It smells just like baking Christmas cookies as it steeps. It tastes delightful too!



I think Mr. Grinch found a new favorite filler! (Nope, can’t be. Coffee will always be number one in my book. But tea could be a verrrry close second. 😉 )

Christmas Blogging Challenge Day 11What is your favorite Christmas tradition? I have many favorite holiday traditions, but my favorite is probably baking Christmas cookies with my family! Also, I have such happy memories of Christmases past when my sister and I used to have Christmas Eve “sleepovers” (aka she was a good sister and would sleep in a sleeping bag on my floor to make me happy) and wait for Santa to visit.

So between watching sappy television shows, knitting, and drinking hot tea, I think I have officially aged myself several decades, but that is just fine with me! Now I think I best off to bed!

I will see you all tomorrow! 🙂



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