Cardio > Strength Training ?

It’s a strange phenomenon, but now that I haven’t been doing ridiculous amounts of strength training as I was back in November, I have started to notice more definition in my muscle tone. The kind of definition that I want! It seems to be that even without mondo strength training sessions, the muscle seems to be changing and I actually started to drop a couple of ounces here and there again which is nice since the weight-loss definitely seemed to come to a standstill! (Please note: my goal is NOT to lose weight, but to improve my physical capabilities while also improving the way I felt about my appearance, I did not have a goal weight in mind and I think that’s actually been working out much, much better for me.)

I’m actually quite excited to not be starting from negative square root one come January first. Usually (along with 99% of Americans!) my resolutions center around something based in fitness or weight-loss, but this year, I am certainly happy enough with my life changes and improvements that I think my resolutions will be focused on bigger and more abstract things!

And now, for everyone’s favorite part: The 25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge!

Day 6: What is your favorite tree ornament? I absolutely love decorating the Christmas tree and ours is definitely not one of those trees that matches 100%. Instead, it is a mix-up of a zillion unique ornaments, some that are decades old, others that have marked milestones, and others yet that we found randomly and picked up along the way.  My favorite one changes every year, but right now, I happen to be obsessed with a box of ornaments that my mother actually got last year from a second-hand craft shop!

photo-129They are so pretty and flowery! There are also about a dozen other ornaments that are very special to me that I really love. Some of which I made with my family when I was a little kid and others that just came about over the years.


Day 7: What was your most memorable Christmas? Now this one is going to sound absolutely ridiculous, but one of the most memorable Christmases is from when I was about 4 years old and I remember feeling like the most special kid in the world when I got just about everything I asked for. (Yes, now I am well aware that presents are not at all what it’s all about, but when you’re four, who knows better!?). Additionally, there was a play pie bakery set involved that smelled so wonderful and so exactly like vanilla and pie crust that the smell still sticks out in my memory at Christmas time. Told ya it was random!

Now, for some exciting developments in the life of 5ksandcoffeebeans (only not really…). I am learning how to knit hats! Last night, I had a “knitting date” with one of my co-workers and she was (re-)teaching me the basics (casting-on, knitting stitches, purling…the usual), but we also started my first ever hat!



I haven’t gotten too far, but check it out! The brim is curling juuuuuust like it’s supposed to! I even (get ready for this…) CHANGED COLORS. Woohoo! 

…let’s be honest here, I had quite a bit of help with the color-changing bit.



I know, I know. Those are some hot colors with a capital H-O-T. Hey, what do you want for a first try?

Well it has suddenly gotten quite late and it is time for some reading, knitting, and sleeping!

I will talk to you tomorrow!!



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