Best Body Bootcamp Registration Complete!

First of all, days four and five of the 25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge.

  • 4. What is your favorite Christmas song? This is my favorite Christmas song this year. I listen to it constantly. At the gym, at home, in the car. I ran 2.5 miles to this song last week with minimal interruption:

  • 5. What is the best gift you’ve ever received? I suppose this changes every year, but one Christmas gift that I will never, ever forget is my one and only American Girl Doll. These dolls were ALL the rage in the 90s, particularly for girls ages 6-12 and the year that I finally got mine, I felt like the most special kid in all of the universe. I distinctly remember the shape of the box under the tree and I knew exactly what it was. Also, my sister had decorated the tree with American Girl Doll pictures that she had cut out from one of my catalogues. 😛

And now, for the crux of the matter!

BBBCThat’s right. I’m going (back to) Boot Camp! It’s OFFICIAL. (See? I even have the nifty little image to show for it.) After some hemming and hawing, I finally decided to go for it and register for the Best Body Bootcamp. While my venture onto the Bootcamp scene the first time around didn’t deliver the results that I had hoped for (by a LONG shot), there were some things about it that I enjoyed. Additionally, I really like the idea of having workouts set up for me and a plan-in-hand when I head out to the gym. This is particularly true in the cold, bitter, brutal, windy, dark, dank, dismal, blah months of winter. (I think my desire for a neat and tidy workout regime accounts for at least 25% of my half-marathon goal. 😛 ) Anyway, I think this will be the best of both worlds: Bootcamp-style workouts with nice little worksheets to follow.

ON THAT NOTE. The registration fee is $25 and I think you should all register with me because I’m scared it would be so much fun to have an interactive Bootcamp experience. PLUS, the program begins on January 7th which, at least in my experience, is when the New Year’s Resolution-y angst and desire to be “better than ever before” strikes hard. SHOULD you decide to participate as well and share the joy with little ‘ole me, you have until December 31st to register! As I mentioned, it’s $25 for eight weeks. See the FAQ here: If you are thinking of joining in on the fun, please comment here and let me know!!

Hope you all have a great night and a good day tomorrow.


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