This Is Your Brain Without Gym Time…

Hello friends!

Today was yet another day full of fun and holiday cheer. Despite the fact that my furry friend had to visit her arch nemesis the vet briefly this morning, I had a lovely day off that was filled with cookie-baking and tree-trimming.

My mom had the day off as well and it was fun to spend the day at home decorating, baking, and cleaning. Yes, that’s right I actually said it was fun to clean. 

While we are on the topic of Christmas, (a topic that has made an appearance in every post since the month began! 🙂 ) Let’s hit up the 25 Days of Blogging Christmas Challenge question of the day: When/ How did you learn that you-know-who wasn’t you-know-what? One year, I asked for a puppy. I was SO insistent on adding a furry addition to our family that I actually refused to ask for anything else. That Christmas, Santa left me a letter explaining that it wasn’t a good time for a dog, but that someday when the time was just right that I would get one. That letter was written in awfully sisterly handwriting and that is what initially tipped me off. I think I actually ended up forgetting about that and convinced myself to believe for another two decades. (What is that you say, I’m just barely two decades old?! Why yes, that’s true! NEVER STOP BELIEVING.)

Ehem. Now, on to the topic of this post!

And so, we have tiptoed to day number Way Too Many To Bother Counting of not going to the gym. Granted, I’ve thrown in a couple of random workouts here or there, but it’s been a while since I’ve really put the pedal to the metal. As I mentioned the other day, I’ve been planning to get my butt back in action on Tuesday (which is tomorrow), but in the meanwhile, here are some discoveries that I have made during this unintentional hiatus from the gym:

  1. Slower to wakeupI typically workout in the morning. That is not to say that I always head out at the crack of dawn, but gym time is generally the first thing in my day. When I have had my workout, I am in total game mode by the time I return home, but if I skip the gym, it takes me hours to fully wake the brain up. Getting ready happens in slow-mo.
  2. I eat like a pig: So there’s that whole thing where you burn calories when you exercise and can end up feeling quite hungry afterwards. Sure, that happens to me, but I don’t refuel with good, muscle-repairing nutrients. Instead, I eat Christmas cookies by the truckload.
  3. Fitness pinning/ researching increases exponentially: Apparently, if I’m not doing it myself, I have to find evidence that at the very least, others are working out. I spend a lot more time reading fitness blogs, pinning new workouts to Pinterest and flipping through old health and fitness magazines. Strange, no?
  4. Overall fitness mentality does a backflip: Fortunately for me, this “break” has been much too short to notice any real change in my appearance (or even in topics 1-3 of this list), but if I stayed at it (or stayed not being “at it” for much longer, I know exactly what would happen because it has happened before (i.e.: end of senior year!). Any weight gain between two and twelve pounds leads me to change my whole outlook on appearance and weight maintenance. In no time flat, I can convince myself that I look better with a couple of extra pounds. That I don’t want to fit into the “skinny mold” and that I’d rather be happy and pudgy that thin and sad. I also suddenly decide that anyone who can’t love me regardless of my weight doesn’t deserve me at all. (Enter Helen Reddy, I am Woman here.) Now of course, this is not at all the way I actually feel at all! I feel awful about myself when I don’t exercise and when I eat horribly and it has absolutely nothing to do with my weight in particular, nor does it have anything to do with what anyone else believes. Also, I definitely think that choices should be made for you and only you. Do what makes you feel best, what will have the best outcomes for you and what will make you happiest. But regardless of all of that, a few days of “bad behavior” and suddenly, I am redefining everything I believe!

So either which way, it is high time for me to hightail it back to the gym and get my gears in motion again!

I hope you had a great Monday!

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