Nail Polish Overload

I think I may have a problem. A problem of the nail polish variety. Tonight, on a quick trip to the grocery store, I picked up three new beauty items:

  • EOS lip balm. Fine, whatever. It was less than three dollars and the winter winds and snow have come to 5KCB land. It’s cold and dry at work and my lips are starting to look like sandpaper. Hot, no?
  • New Blush. Again, whoopty doo. It is high time for me to replace my old blush (I would tell you how long I’ve had it, but that would be just plain embarrassing.) and I wanted to try a new, cheaper one. I think the first time I bought this teeny little CoverGirl blush I was in sixth grade, but I often return to it. It is inexpensive, natural-looking and comes in lots of colors. I’ll take it.)
  • NOT ALLOWED.MUST STOP.CAN’T KEEP DOING THIS. Seriously guys, this is f’real. I have SO many nail polishes that it is absolutely ridiculous, but I just can’t stop! They are SO cheap (with the exception of the high-end OPI/Essie-style ones) and I love switching up my colors. It has gotten to the point where I get a little craycray (<– since when?) about keeping my nails fresh. Back in high school, I read an article about how painting your nails could serve as a great distraction. (Thank you, Seventeen magazine wisdom!) Apparently, there was something about taking the time to focus on something mindless and specific that made it a great stress-reliver. I think I convinced myself that this was true and from then on, I would paint my nails as a little study break. To be perfectly honest, I loved nail polish long before that too. Let’s be real. Anyway, last night I was babysitting and the mother had this color on. It was a very nice mixture of grayish/ blueish/ purplish that was very winter-appropriate and looked great on. Sure enough, not even a day later, I pick up a bottle for myself. To add to this:

(I made this following this youtube tutorial after one of my roommates last year had the same set-up. Also, it’s made out of duct tape and foam board. CHEAP-O! It was fun to make and fun to organize, but guess how often I put the bottles back where they “belong”. Once every never.)

And also this:


Ha. Oops? I would try to fight it, but I don’t think I’d win. I suppose it’s better than a shoe obsession, eh? …at least for the wallet. 😉

And now for a recap of the rest of my Sunday.

Once again, gym time alluded me today, but I plan to jump right back into the workout saddle tomorrow morning before hanging out with my mom for the day which will include hanging up the Christmas lights outside!

Have a good night!



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