Too Many Books!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! (How on God’s green earth did that happen!? Shouldn’t it be September?!)

Today I spent my whole entire day at work organizing (even more) Thanksgiving pies and making holiday wreaths. It was a day chock full ‘o holiday spirit!

Afterwards, it was time to run around like a chicken with its head cut off in preparation for the big day tomorrow. I feel like there are a few random loose ends that need to be tied up before we head out for my sister’s house in the morning. Hopefully I can finish up a couple of things, scarf some dinner (yep, it’s almost 11 and I haven’t even had dinner yet!), and pack while still hitting the sack at a decent hour. We’ll see about that…

In other news, I did not make it to the gym this morning (nor did I plan to). It looks like there will be a three-day fitness hiatus. Yesterday at work as we boxed up pie after pie after pie, we stumbled across one that was too burnt on top to sell to the customers, so naturally the only thing left to do was to pick around the black parts and eat it! While at the time it was quite tasty, I always feel terrible about myself after eating a zillion and five calories mindlessly like that. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it, but I know I would have much rather eaten something that was sinful and tasty that I had actually thought about instead of picking away at a reject pie. Oh well! What’s done is done!

The packing break that I took wasn’t entirely successful. I got a little distracted as I attempted to choose a book to bring along. I started reading the Hunger Games, but for some reason, I just couldn’t get into it. So I returned to my stash of ten billion books and have since been trying to choose between about five:

Quite a combo, eh? Ever since I was a very little girl, I have loved to read. For the past four years, I never had time to read anything other than academic articles and textbooks the size of Nebraska so I am really loving the opportunity I have now to read “fun” books. After reading and re-reading the descriptions of these books, I finally selected one to bring along with me!

I know, I know. I am about five years behind the rest of America, but I have wanted to read this for quite some time. It also seems like a good choice for a Thanksgiving read, doesn’t it?

Now it’s time to send off a couple of e-mails before I check out of the internetinterwebwww. world for a couple of days!

Happy Thanksgiving, readers!! Slow down and enjoy yourselves today, there’s always tomorrow for running. 😉



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