Seven Days of Thanks


Today is one of those days where I wish I could say things like “OHMYGODIHAVEASTORYFORYOU.” But seeing as this is a blog and not a sleepover, I feel like that probably isn’t kosher, so I will resist the temptation to spill

This morning, I hit up my Total Body Conditioning class (which for some reason, DRAGGED by today). When I walked into the room, it was roughly 25 degrees. Apparently, someone left the windows open overnight and the result was a refrigerated workout session. The instructor kicked up the heater however and before long, hot air was blowing throughout the room and for a brief moment, I was convinced that I was in a Bikram Yoga class. Anyway, despite the seemingly never-budging clock and the wildly unregulated temperatures, TBC delivered a punch and a half (literally at some points, she incorporated a lot of martial arts-y/ kickboxing moves) and when I left the gym, my muscles felt just like jello! Three things that were highlighted in today’s class that will definitely be making appearances in my workouts were: new resistance band moves, a quick-feet/jab-cross combo and v-crunches on The Step. I am not entirely sure what the protocol/ copyright issue is with sharing workout combinations, but I plan to talk to my instructor and see how she feels about having some of her routines make an appearance on the blog. She has some killer moves that I’d love to share with y’all (<–where did that come from?).

Seven Days of Thanks: This evening, I was fortunate enough to talk to two of my wonderful friends who are currently busy law-schooling and New York City-ing. These two conversations left me feeling so incredibly lucky for my friends (even though they are strewn all across the eastern seaboard). So allow me to introduce the 5KCB 7 Days of Thanks. Between now and Thanksgiving, there will  be (and this calculation is barring any further internet malfunctions) seven posts. In each one, I will briefly talk about one “thing” that I am thankful for, because what better time to appreciate the good things we have going for ourselves than at the holidays?

So today’s “thanks” is for the continuance of my close friendships with my lovely long-distance friends despite the space. Tonight after talking about random things that have been nagging at me with Jordan and briefly catching up on our lives, I immediately felt better about all that had been irking me. In recent summers, Jordan and I would take walks throughout the village just about every night which was great for both the workout routine and also just for the fresh air and the talks that we would have.  As strange as it sounds, talking with her tonight brought that exact same relief. Next I talked with Katherine briefly and as soon as we hung up, I was thinking about how we have been great friends for the last twelve years and how bizarre that is. We have totally grown up together and I am so lucky to have her (and I use the phrase “grown up” very roughly as I am pretty sure that we are both still eleven years old at heart). Earlier this week, I also had phone conversations with two of my college friends who are living in far-away lands (also known as “states other than New York”) and despite the fact that we haven’t talked in months it was like nothing had changed.  As much as I miss all of these people, I feel incredibly lucky to know that they are still very much parts of my life. So today’s thanks goes out to friends. Both the local ones and not-so-local ones. 🙂

Sidenote: On second thought, perhaps today’s “thanks” should have gone to technology… gotta love social networking and that beautiful little thing known as a cellphone that made those conversations possible!

I will talk to you all tomorrow after NOT attending Saturday morning BodyPump!


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