Bye, Bye BodyPump and Resume-Writing

Welcome all!

I didn’t have to be at work until 1:00 this afternoon which provided me with a very nice, relaxing morning. After lazing around the house for an extra couple of hours this morning, I finally made my way to the gym. (Fortunately for me, since my eating habits have been less-than-stellar this week!)

Since I waited so long to make it out of the door this morning, I didn’t have a ton of time so my workout consisted of three short bursts on three different cardio machines. I did twelve minutes on the treadmill, followed by twelve minutes on the elliptical and completed the cardio-confusion with twelve minutes on the racing bike. It ended up being the perfect combination of activity for me and left me feeling the burn! I really like switching up machines because just when I’ve had enough of one, it’s time to hop on the next! I was really hoping to squeeze in an arm workout, but that just didn’t happen.

And now, I have a shocking announcement to make. Are you ready?

…I think I am going to abandon BodyPump for a little while.

(Insert gasp here.)

I know, for weeks. I have been RAVING about how wonderful this class is. I have talked about what a great workout it is, about how fantastic I feel afterwards, about how quickly I have seen results, but I have decided to take a pause from the ‘Pump. Why? You ask? Well, I have noticed that as time progresses and I have been attending classes pretty regularly (more or less, heh…), that I am seeing results, butt (<– Freudian slip? I think not.) not the kinds of results I want!

I swear, I am not one of those overly-critical, self-depricating people. Generally, I am pretty happy with myself and I am very happy with the progress that I have made since June. This is without a doubt, the longest that I have ever stayed on any health and fitness “kick”, and I have even gotten to the point where I can allow myself to stray here and there (I’m sure you recall many references to cookies “the size of my face” that I’ve eaten at work) and still maintain my momentum. BUT, there are a few things about myself that I’m not crazy about. I have enormous shoulders and traps (we’re talking swimmer’s shoulders), and I have never been able to trim down my thighs. Both of these things drive me nuts, but fortunately, the size comes from muscle and not fat, so that is a bonus. But as I continue with these classes, I have noticed that my legs and shoulders are continuing to grow along with the hip/glute. region. I know, I sound absolutely ridiculous. Just about anyone that you talk to will insist that women will NEVER bulk up, at least not with typical exercise, but evidently I am some strange exception to this little rule. 😉

Anyway, I think I will be reverting to my old ways of frequent cardio + circuit routines to hit various muscle-groups. No squats allowed! (I should note that I do LOVE the energy of the ‘Pump classes and maybe I will still attend occasionally, maybe just once a week instead of several times. Also, this hiatus is certainly a temporary one, I am just curious to see what the difference will be!)

In other news, the majority of my time as of late has been spent revamping, re-writing and editing my resume which is one of my very least favorite things to do. There are SO many variables that it gets to be quite a pain. Fortunately for me, a good friend of mine is working as an editor and she is a fantastic writer so she offered to take a look and offer her suggestions. Now it is time to apply the tips that she gave me and see what I can do!

Tomorrow’s agenda is made up of an afternoon at work and an evening outing to Wreck It Ralph. I’ve heard great things about this movie so I am quite excited. 🙂

Happy (almost) Friday!!

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