Running, Reading and Resumes

Hello there!

Running: This morning, I once again managed to talk myself OUT of BodyPump and into sleeping in an extra hour or so. I actually did this semi-intentionally because when I FIRST began BodyPump, I kind of ended up cutting cardio out of the equation and I missed it! So today, I decided to start off with a run and do my own strength session which went very well. (I actually did an Ab routine in the current issue of SHAPE. It’s from PINK and it was fantastic! I highly recommend you pick up the November issue of SHAPE if it’s still in stores. There were SO many good articles in it! It seemed like there was an excellent exercise on every page and also tons of interesting articles on everything from holiday things to health stuff. Definitely worth checking out!)

After that, I spent the day at work (we are closing in on the very last of the busy season at my job! Once Halloween rolls around, all of the nonsense and tomfoolery that goes along with a seasonal job will just about come to a close! As much as I am looking forward to a little R&R, I will sort of miss the business and mayhem of it all.

Reading: I got home quite late tonight and immediately scarfed down some leftovers and half of a grapefruit (WEIRD combo, I know.) I then took a nose-dive back into Gone Girl (that book is not at all what I was expecting, but I’m still enjoying it! I will keep you posted on that…)

Resume-ing: In other news, I realized that there is something that I REALLY hate doing: drafting resumes. I love organizing things and I love writing, so WHAT is the problem, I ask you. I really don’t know. I think it’s a little overwhelming! So many choices to make (what to include, what to leave out, titles, headings, fonts, OHMYGOSHICAN’TTAKEITANYMORE.) SOmething has got to give, maybe I can hire a Resume-Writing-Tutor. Ironic, eh? I’ll jump from my tutoring job to my tutoring session! 😉

I hope you had a great day! HAPPY FRIDAY! (Also, everyone watch out for the Nor-easter that’s headed this way!! I could not BELIVE how nice it was today— low eighties!? Nonsense.)

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