Gym Bags

Things I will not be talking about in this post: Work (bad day). Gym (skipped it). The Spilled Coffee In the Bottom of my Purse (I am almost convinced that spilling my coffee is a bad omen as this is not the first time that a terrible day at work has been preceded by this unfortunate event.)

I hope that YOUR day was wonderful.

Now this  is going to sound like is a terrible excuse, but tonight on my way home from work, I really wanted to stop at the gym. I really, really did. But what I didn’t want to do was drive from work PAST the gym, go home to get my clothes/ water bottle/ sneakers/ earbuds/ wristlet/ life and then go BACK out to the gym. Now granted, I could have just thrown those things in my car this morning and solved this whole problem, but I seem 110% incapable of EVER remembering everything I need. Unfortunately, I most often forget the earbuds and as sad as it may sound, I can’t seem to do a blessed thing without my tunes.

Assuming that you all read the first few sentences of this post, I guess I don’t have to tell you that I didn’t go to the gym tonight. Instead I came home and pouted about my frustrating day and decided to update my blog instead.

I did decide something, however. I need a gym bag! Duh.

Now anyone who knows anything about me probably knows that I love my purses. I have a zillion different purses/ wristlets/ wallets and I love them all. They’re all my friends! (Not really. No need to worry.) But I especially like funky/ unique things. I hate having the same thing that every other girl and their mother seems to have so if I am going to give in to this whole gym bag nonsense, I am going to do it my way and pick a fun one!

None of this:


(NOTE: Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE Nike workout gear. Even this bag looks very nice, I just want something less duffle-y and more… purse-y!)

So here is what my internet search has led me to so far.

Option 1:


It’s a Vera Bradley tote! There are a zillion pockets inside, it’s washable and 100% girly. Although Vera Bradley isn’t exactly “unique” (just look at any high school in town. There are VB prints galore!), but I think this use for it is a tad more creative.

Option 2:

This one is a little funkier. The retro-style tote is also appears to be more than roomy enough.

Option 3:

This one is secretly my favorite. The print is adorable, it’s roomy inside and the perfect shape! Also, it’s from one of my favorite websites which is a definite plus.

Option 4:


I am sure that you all recognize this classic bag. The L.L. Bean “Boat Tote”. Although this one is not incredibly “funky” or “unusual”, I feel like it would be sturdy and I bet it would last a very long time.

So which will it be!? I guess you’ll just have to wait to find out! Please feel free to cast your votes.

I’ll see you all again tomorrow.




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