Buh Bye, Boot Camp


I feel obligated to begin this section of todays post with a disclaimer: I am not a quitter!

(That doesn’t sound promising, does it?) Well here is the scoop. This morning, in a strange twist of events, I actually went to boot camp! (If you have been following along with the blog for a bit, you have probably noticed that this ridiculous boot camp class has an uncanny tendency of either a) being cancelled or b) falling on a day when I absolutely cannot attend.)

So today, I begrudgingly dragged my profoundly tired, over-worked body out of bed this morning around 7:15 and got ready to head out to boot camp. I regret to inform you that I also think this will be the last time I “head out to boot camp” even though the schedule technically runs until January! –That is if I can get my money back.

I really enjoyed the first session of this class back in September. It was was fast-paced, challenging and fun. Things went downhill from there!

First of all, I absolutely hate that the class isn’t set to any music! The only music is whatever is playing in the background of the gym where it’s held (often times, that ends up being cartoon music that the radio station is playing to be quirky on a Saturday morning!). I really do rely on some quality jams to keep me motivated and to help keep up a good pace.  Next, it really irks me that the instructor NEVER does the routines.  And now, for the real clincher that is specific to this week: the class was HORRIBLE and actually semi-unsafe. To make a long story short, the second half of the class ended up consisting of something she called the “Filthy Fifty.” (I actually think this is a spin-off of a CrossFit routine. It wasn’t exactly that, but I am pretty sure that is where she got the idea.) The circuit included several moves including push-ups, sit-ups, dumbbell thrusts, wall-ball (throwing medicine balls at the wall over your head) and slam-ball. As you could probably imagine, she made us do 50 reps of each move right in a row. Now, I haven’t completed any sort of fitness certification yet, but I do know that the reason why circuits are split up into SETS is because it’s not safe to complete that many reps in a row. It’s not any more beneficial, and it is nearly impossible to maintain good form throughout all of that even if you’re the fittest person alive. I was SO incredibly frustrated. I have been to dozens and dozens of different fitness classes and I have never felt like that! Total disappointment. I really hope I can get my money back.

The rest of my day was filled with a brief trip to the town’s farmer’s market, some more visiting with my sister and then work. Work and more work. I can not BELIEVE how exhausted this weekend has left me feeling. I love it when it’s busy at work, but sometimes, I am just ready to fall over!

Breakfast yesterday was a whole wheat bagel topped with pumpkin spice cream cheese (does anyone sense a fall-flavor obsession? I certainly did as I headed out of the door yesterday with that bagel and also a cup of pumpkin coffee with pumpkin spice creamer stirred in!)


I have to tell you, yesterday I was at the grocery store and found the holiday coffees already on display. Eggnog, “Mistletoe” and Gingerbread flavors. Even I (in my infinite love of EVERYTHING Christmas) couldn’t bring myself to stock up yet, but just you wait until November. Woah baby.

I was also insanely proud of myself for brining a reasonable dinner to work last night. I usually forget to pack something of substance so this was quite a treat:


That right there is a bowl of whole grain and brown rice with slices of rosemary chicken! SO much better than a donut. 😉

Hope you all had a great day!!

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