I Found a Friend

Today is one of those days where I have been go-go-going all day long. I got home very late from work tonight and I know one thing is for sure; when my head finally meets the pillow tonight, it won’t be but 15 seconds before I fall asleep!

Let’s talk about chance.

So early this morning, I decided to scrap my original plan of attending my BodyPump class and thought that instead, I could cash in on a few extra minutes of sleep and head to the gym a little bit later than usual and do my own thing instead.

I headed out about 45 minutes later than I normally would since I wasn’t trying to make a scheduled class. My workout this morning consisted of a two mile run (today was one of those days where it took me the entirety of the first mile to get in the groove) followed by an ab routine that I have done many times with Jordan (but that didn’t seem to prevent me from forgetting what came next and feeling like a total fool even in the complete isolation of the fitness room at the gym where there wasn’t another soul watching me…I have definitely realized that I absolutely need to write down what I plan to do when it comes to any exercise that I coordinate myself. I need to have a hardcopy plan to follow otherwise I get distracted, forget things and tend to slack off!)

So then it was time to head home and something very bizarre happened.

As I drove down a busy street on the way back to my house, I stopped the car dead in its tracks to avoid hitting something that was cute, furry and lumbering towards me!

It was a dog! –a chow, specifically!

Naturally, the first thing that popped into my head was that the dog could very easily be hit by oncoming traffic. I was so nervous because I could tell that it was an older dog and she was headed towards a  very busy street. I got out of the car and approached my new furry friend. Almost immediately, the dog rolled over right in the middle of the street waiting for me to rub its belly! As I am sure you can imagine, by this point, she had me hook, line, and sinker. I opened the door to my car and in she jumped!

I drove around the neighborhood several times looking for anyone who was either looking for a lost dog or who had ever seen it before since it didn’t have a collar or any tags!

To make a very long story short, I ended up bringing the dog to work with me and called the town animal control. Just minutes before my call, they had received a panicked phone call from someone looking for a dog that fit my description perfectly! Within half an hour, both the officer and the owner of the dog showed up at my job and Sasha was reunited with her owner.

So here’s the strange part. I knew the owner. Not from living near me, but from previous BodyPump classes. In fact, I actually helped her set up her station and choose her weights the first time she attended class. What a crazy, crazy coincidence. How strange is it that I decided to skip class today and just happened to run into that dog on my way back from the gym at a time when I NEVER normally would have been traveling that route? The very grateful owner told me that she had gone to the grocery store and when she returned home, the dog (that had never escaped in twelve years!) was gone! I can’t even imagine that! So scary!!

Such a cutie. I am so, so glad that this crazy story had a happy ending! And I wasn’t even late for work! 😉

After that, I had a full day of work and some extra work-related stuff afterwards. I finally made it back home around 12:15 and I was STARVING. Since I was way to tired to even think of making myself a “real” meal, I settled on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich…that I later decided to turn into a “grilled” peanut butter and jelly sandwich. A little quirky, but it was tasty and satisfying.

Just like grilled cheese! Only not…

Just in case there wasn’t enough sugar and weren’t enough carbs in that little deal, I scarfed two slices of a delicious red velvet chocolate cake from work:

I could eat 4,000 pounds of that delicious little bread. It is a VERY good thing that we only buy it about once a year.

And now it is time for me to go to sleep. Goodnight all!




1 thought on “I Found a Friend

  1. Aw, that dog is soo cute, I’m glad you were able to give her back to her owner. I really want some of that red velvet cake though haha. 🙂

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