Happy Birthday, Momma 5ksandCoffeeBeans!

Today was a very special day indeed. It was my mom’s birthday! What made matters even more exciting was the fact that we both had the day off! That never, ever happens. So lucky that her birthday just happened to fall on my day away from work! It worked out perfectly.

I am definitely a huge fan of birthdays. I love celebrating and making people feel extra special on their birthdays! Today was a day full of cake, tasty restaurant meals and cake. I am pretty sure that myfitnesspal probably couldn’t even calculate my calorie totals for the day. 😛

Early this morning, I was happy to present her with her gifts which featured a set of tickets to an upcoming show that she has been wanting to see. We also enjoyed both breakfast and dinner out today. (Hellllloooo Cheesecake factory. I managed to keep my meal under 800 calories somehow. It was quite miraculous.)

Perhaps my favorite part of the day was the cake that I made. Get ready for this.

Given my mom’s mid-October birthday, I remember many-a Halloween flavored cakes over the years. They’re festive and fun and what could be better than that?! This one was no exception.

This spiderweb was created with a tube of the Wilton sparkle gel. It ended up looking very cool, but it was ridiculously tedious to make it even.

The inside was AWESOME. <– she says so humbly…  Heh. I separated the cake batter into four separate bowls and tinted the sections orange, purple, green and black. After dropping spoonfuls of the colorful batter into two 8″ cake pans and baking them, the result was a vibrantly colorful birthday cake that was perfectly suited to an autumn birthday!

The cake, gifts and outings of the day were definitely a hit with mom so I was happy!

In other news, there isn’t much new going on! Tomorrow will bring an early morning workout (I feel like I weigh about 2,000 pounds today! I hate that feeling!), breakfast with Chloe, work and tutoring. I must say, as much as I enjoy my job, it was awfully nice to have a day off.

(Side note: I have PROMISED myself that tomorrow, I will NOT shy away from the workout that I want to complete due to my apparent “stage fright” when it comes to working out at the gym whenever cardio machines aren’t involved. I need to remind myself that a) I know what the heck I’m doing (or at least I’m good at pretending that I do 😉 b) everyone is there to get their fitness on. Many are entirely shameless about it– proof = the ridiculous noises that the weight-lifting guys on the strength side make and c) I never, ever, ever think ANYTHING of the people doing their own thing on the mats. Why would I expect that they would be judging me? Time for me to stop being silly and get to business!)

Goodnight all!



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Momma 5ksandCoffeeBeans!

  1. OMG, when I saw that cake, my jaw dropped, it’s soooo pretty! How did you get that spider web done so perfectly??? Yeah, I’m in to cake decorating and I like to try new things. Happy belated birthday to your mom :)>

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