Leaves and Lifting and Coffee (Oh My!)

Seriously, people. We are going on two weeks without internet access at my house and I am starting to get antsy. What makes me even antsy-ier is the fact that I have the company on the phone right now as I write, but for the last twenty five minutes, “all representative are busy helping other callers, please stay on the line…” and so I put them on speakerphone and here we are. BAH HUM BUG.

In other news, this weekend’s weather in WNY will be glorious. Sixties today, seventies tomorrow. I know it won’t last for long, but this little break from November reality is more than welcome in my book! As much as I love the holiday season and snow at Christmas, as I have gotten older, my tolerance for cold has plummeted. (Although, I must note that I did recently order a new winter coat that I am very excited about. It’s very old-fashioned and I hope it is as cute in person as it appeared to be online!)

This morning, I spent about two hours helping my mom out with raking the yard. I know that I’m a little late, but hey, maybe this way I will get away with doing it once. 😉 I really didn’t plan the whole thing out very well and I attended a BodyPump class this morning. Ohmygoodness, my poor, poor shoulders. I don’t know if they will ever be fully operational again! I can’t hardly imagine what tomorrow will feel like. For some reason, I kind of skipped out on BodyPump for about a week and a half, but I was glad to be back this morning! I really do love feeling the burn.

As you all know, I am definitely a group exercise junkie. I love my gym classes. I love the environment and the energy of it and  I definitely enjoy the camaraderie of the collective misery (?). Yesterday, however, I went to the Friday edition of my favorite Total Body Conditioning class and was met with quite a surprise. A new instructor! Granted, she was just a sub as the normal teacher was off on a trip, but I was unaware of the switch. At first, I thought it would be a lot of fun– this instructor was big on the cardio aspect of the class and had us set up step-stations for the class. I quickly grew tired of her routine and actually found myself checking the clock several times which never happens during my normal TBC. I think one of my biggest pet peeves in a group exercise class (which ended up being the main reason that I ditched Boot Camp) is when an instructor isn’t responsive to her class and maintains a routine that no one is really benefitting from. There were definitely people struggling with what she was dishing out and there were no modifications offered. I did end up enjoying the step and I thought the extra cardio work was a nice addition, but I will be very happy when things are back to normal!

On that note, after BodyPump this morning, I cornered that instructor (who is one of my favorites! Even though she’s a major name dropper, “Come on Brittany, stay with it!!”) and talked to her for a couple of minutes about certifications. After I shared with her that I was looking into becoming a certified instructor, she was very excited and said to keep her posted and to let her know when I was finished as there were often openings for new teachers and classes! Very exciting.

Other than that, my life hasn’t been too terribly exciting! I attended my first-ever jewelry party on Friday night that ended up being a lot of fun! Even though I really don’t think I come across as shy, I really am and I sometimes find parties/ gatherings to be kind of stressful, but in my desperate quest to step outside of my comfort zone, I went and I am so glad that I did! I ended up purchasing a couple of Christmas presents and a ring for myself . The group of guests was the perfect size and it was a fun crowd.

Last, but certainly not least. I have a confession to make. A big confession…

I have started listening to Christmas music. That’s right, gasp away. It’s here. The Christmas season has come and it is TIME TO SING ABOUT IT. I love, love, love it when a couple of local radio stations begin playing the Christmas jams 24/7, but since that hasn’t happened yet (gee, I wonder why!) I figured I’d give the Christmas spirit a little shove in the right direction. The other day, as we made wreaths at work, we were listening to Bing Crosby and Tom Petty sing their little Christmasy hearts out. Thank you, dear Christmas playlist (and Pandora.) I’m sure my co-workers are elated. 😉

Now, confession part 2: I bought a bag of Christmas coffee. I couldn’t help it. My (recent) favorite flavor of pumpkin pie was all out and in its place, I found Egg Nog, Mistletoe, Gingerbread and WHITE CHRISTMAS-flavored coffees. I selected a bag of the White Christmas and it is to die for! I believe it’s a mix of coconut, vanilla and caramel flavors and as entirely repulsive as that sounds, it is quite delightful.

It’s time to stop fighting it, let’s face it, Thanksgiving is in a week and a half!

I hope you are all doing well. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an internet repair ASAP!!!!!

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