I Skipped Boot Camp. Please Don’t Tell.

I know what you’re thinking. Actually no I don’t, but please don’t be thinking that I’m a terrible slacker!

I had full intentions of going to class this morning and just taking it easy, but somewhere around 1:45 am when I was STILL awake and coughing and congested and felt a little bit like an elephant was sitting on my chest, I decided that I should probably take a pass on the 7:45 am class and give myself one more day to sleep in and hopefully kick this cold to the curb. I realized that this is the first time in about three years that I’ve had a cold and I don’t much like it! I’m feeling 250% better than I was the other day and I definitely think it’s on its way out. I must say, in retrospect, those few extra hours of sleep this morning were definitely worth the sacrifice of pretending to be Rocky for a morning.

I also must give some well-deserved credit to NyQuil. I hate taking cold medicine– or any medicine really, but the past few nights, I haven’t been able to sleep so well so I finally caved and took a NyQuil before bed and I must say, I have never felt quite so rested as I have the past few nights. It is a magical, magical little capsule and I’m so glad because let me tell you, the past few ridiculously busy days of work would have been absolutely dreadful following a terrible night’s sleep!

My boot camp snow day this morning means that I have missed out on four whole days worth of exercising! I really do not enjoy that fact, but tomorrow I will be jumping right back into the saddle. I  have even planned out exactly what I will do upon my big return. I found two excellent full-body circuit workouts that I plan to complete. I am also SO psyched because the gym has expanded their Les Mills schedule and there is now a BodyPump class on Mondays! That means that I should be able to hit up my first ever barbell class this week on my day off! Hooray!

Now for something unrelated to my cold. I am hoping that someone can help me out with my workout wear conundrum.

First of all, I must say that I LOVE running gear (it’s actually probably about 50% of the reason that I love running. Just kidding. But really.) I love tank tops and running sneakers and running shorts.

These are my favorite ever:

They are Under Armour’s Great Escape Shorts. And they’re fantastic. They’re breathable and come in a zillion wonderful color combinations and the waistband means business. They stay put which is fantastic. I can’t recommend these enough for running and other cardio workouts. They are wonderful and I love them.

But here comes the problem. As you have probably noticed, my workouts have shifted from lots and lots of running to more classes and strength-based things and my favorite staple shorts just aren’t cutting it anymore! They’re not quite long enough for things such as the ridiculous moves in boot camp or my new favorite conditioning class that involve a lot of squatting and lunging… Additionally, as fall is upon us, I have to find some more seasonally-appropriate gear and I just don’t know where to start!

I would love to hear about your favorite workout gear so please, do share!

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