Fitness Coaching Session

Hello again! As promised, it’s time to talk about my “personal training” session. (Which really didn’t turn out to be a personal training session at all. It was really more of an advertisement for personal training. A “stick with us and you’ll go places” sort of thing.) Evidently it was actually a “Fitness Coaching” Session.

To kick things off, we spent a few minutes talking about my current daily habits and health history. That part was very straight forward: exercising, smoking, drinking blah blah blah. After we had established that I led a very healthy lifestyle, it was time to collect the stats which included body fat percentage, BMI, and my “health age”.

One part of the session that I did actually find pretty interesting was the tour of the floor. The trainer took me to the Scary Side of the Gym (i.e.: where the scary muscle monsters dwell) and showed me some cool gadgets including the kettle bells (I am very vaguely familiar with these), some moves to do with the resistance bands that are good for runners and also this:


The TRX! This was a very cool and easy-to-use piece of equipment that I would definitely like to incorporate into my strength training. I think it would be very helpful for working out those back muscles that I often seem to neglect. Unfortunately, I’m still a little too timid and self-conscious to feel comfortable strutting over to the Scary Side and throwing this thing over the bar, but maybe early some morning I’ll give it a go when it’s not too busy.

Finally, I got to take home a nifty little print out that included this gem:

It’s my very own, personalized health avatar. Don’t you see the resemblance? No?

What I found to be kind of ironic is the fact that I actually prefer the before image (on the left) over the after one. Maybe I should quit the gym. I’m pretty sure that’s not the outcome they are shooting for with all of this nifty pixel work.

Also, if you look carefully, you’ll see that in the boxes at the bottom of the image, “not exercising” is checked under the Special Conditions section. The recommended change? Start exercising. Clearly, something was amiss here. Either which way, I’m thinking all of these things are pointing to a pretty decent outlook for me.

Overall, the session was a tad gimmicky and felt pretty rushed, but it did put the personal training seed in my mind again. I think I might give a session a try again at some point before the end of the year. Should I decide to go for the half marathon next year, I think seeing a trainer before I started the training might prove to be very helpful.

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