Giving Back

When I was in college, I participated in 4,523 different volunteer programs. Some I simply volunteered with, others I led and some I even began. I have always loved participating in these sorts of things because it can be so rewarding to give back to the community. I have friends and relatives who do amazing work in distant lands and I admire all of the commitment and hard work that they put into their service. I personally find helping out in my own town to be the perfect thing for me. I love the idea of helping others who are right under my nose and I actually think it’s really sad how easily and often people in our own backyards are overlooked. Once I graduated, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to serve in the same capacity (everything really was so handy in college!), but I quickly decided I’d find ways to do the same sort of work on my own which is what led me to the mentoring program that I’m currently partnered through.

Today I got to see my mentee again and it was so much fun. At first, I was getting a little nervous about her energy level (she is a very active little girl!), but it turned out to be a great afternoon. We headed out for a classically fall-ish adventure that included pumpkins, hayrides and fresh apples. She had a great time and on the drive back home when I asked her if she had a fun afternoon she responded, ” I sure did! I’ll never forget this day!” That simple little statement made me so, so happy and reminded me of why I so love volunteering. What was ultimately nothing more than a couple hours of my time and a few dollars turned out to be such a fun and memorable day for a child who needed it and I’m thrilled that I was able to do that for her.

How about a post that talks about exercising your compassion and generosity instead of your muscles? Gotta keep the soul in shape too! 😉

After hobbling around work this morning, I think it might be best to skip the workout for today. I actually am not even 1/4 as sore as I was the Sunday following the last boot camp class that I attended, but my legs are hurting quite a bit. Plus, I need to save up for tomorrow! I may actually hit two classes in the morning (they’re back to back) and in the afternoon I have my personal training/ fitness assessment session! The biggest thing will be getting myself to wake up on time. We all know that I have a terrible track record for waking up at a reasonable time on my day off. I just need to remind myself of how awful I feel when I wake up late and feel like I’ve wasted my whole free day by sleeping it away!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

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