5ks & _____________.

Hold on to your hats, guys, you’re about to read the most random 5ks and Coffee Beans post to date. Nothing particularly interesting happened today that warranted specific attention, soooooo let’s talk about three completely random things instead.

1. Too Much Coffee:

Alright guys, I think I had a caffeine-withdrawal headache this morning. How sick is that? As soon as I had a cup this morning around 10:30, I was perfectly fine. After just two short days without my miracle elixir and it’s like my brain can’t even stay in my head! What’s THAT nonsense all about?! Despite the fact that I talk about how much I truly adore coffee, I really don’t drink that much of it! RARELY more than a cup a day, which I think is perfectly normal. (There was one occasion during my senior year where I somehow managed to plow through an entire pot in one night on a solo mission to pull an all-nighter before a test. It worked. I stayed up through the night and managed to pull an A on the exam the next day, but I couldn’t LOOK at coffee for about  a week and a half after that. I was studying with a friend that night and I’m pretty sure he thought I had officially lost my mind.)

I must say, it’s a little scary how much it affects me! I feel like a totally different person without it! At work, my brain doesn’t work at it’s usual pace and I just generally feel like a sluggish punk! So bizarre. Maybe I should switch to tea. But that would foil my domain name, wouldn’t it? Plus, I don’t like tea.

2. Too Many Carbs (/ too much sugar, but what’s the diff.?):

It’s one thing to be “on a diet” it’s an entirely different thing to eat healthfully. At least in my opinion. Why is that? To me, being “on a diet” implies reduction. Reducing fat, calories, carbs, salt — you know the drill. On the other hand, switching to a healthier lifestyle doesn’t always mean reducing, sometimes it means replacing, or even adding. For example, I didn’t cut out carbs by any means, but I have tried to switch to the healthier, complex carbs rather than a truckload of simple carbs each day (white bread, white pasta, white foods are generally not fantastic. Think sweet potato > white potato.) So what happened to me today? I ate too much sugar. In the form of things that I usually can handle with graceful moderation. Read: I ate 14  pounds of chocolate chips.  Not really, I didn’t do that at all. In fact, according to myfitnesspal, I even stayed well below my calorie “limit” for today (I like to think of it as a rough suggestion), but I was hungry all day long. That’s because I filled up on overly processed, sugary, simple-carb-y foods instead of my typical staples of delicious oatmeal, yogurt, fruit and whole grains. I’m tellin’ ya, it’s not worth it! (Also, what I mentioned about myfitnesspal perfectly proves my point about how counting calories can go very, very wrong sometimes! I’ve had days full of satisfying, healthy, delicious foods and broken my limit (peanut butter, avocados, coconut—oil, oil, oil), but throw me a bag of chocolate chips and I could “safely” go to town for hours. Again, days like today make me very grateful to my little calorie counter and blog for keeping me accountable and NOT letting me fall off of the wagon forever.

3. Workout Music Shift:

I don’t know what this is all about, but recently, I’ve been loving slow music as my workout jams. We all know that I can NOT workout without my music. It’s crazy, but if I try to run, I can’t make it but 3 yards without music. If I try to do anything else, I just can’t pull it together! Usually, I look to pop-ish/ rock-ish/ loud and obnoxious-ish music to sweat to, but that hasn’t been the case recently! I am loving the slower, more melodic tunes right now I am just not sure why! Seems to me that it may be time to put together a new playlist!

And so concludes the most random post I’ve ever created. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back tomorrow!

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