15 Pound Dress and Martha Stewart

We all know how upset I am to NOT be in school this fall and what makes matters worse is the fact that no school = no back-to-school clothes. Salt in an open wound. In order to soften the blow of a stale wardrobe and melting mind, I decided to treat myself to a new outfit. I have now passed the 15 pound mark and despite the fact that as the cooler weather approaches, I’ve discovered that every pair of jeans I own doesn’t fit quite right, I decided to splurge on a ModCloth dress instead of being practical. It should be here by Wednesday. = ) I have more clothes than I think I could wear in a whole entire year, and about 70% of my time is spent in work clothes , but a little incentive to stay on track never hurt anyone, right? It’s probably time to look into donating!

For my last birthday, I received a subscription to Martha Stewart’s two magazines: Martha Stewart Living and Whole Living. I love both of those magazines and Martha’s recipes have never done me wrong before, but tonight was quite a flop. I attempted to make a skillet that was in Whole Living and involved a bunch of fresh veggies. It started off promising enough, but ended with me temporarily removing the battery from my smoke alarm. I can’t help but feeling endlessly disappointed when a recipe goes completely haywire. Cooking takes SO much time and effort and when a recipe is a total fail, it’s extremely frustrating! Anyway, after lots of angry muttering, I moved on to a recipe that I found here not too long ago that ended up being simple and delicious and very easy. Too bad I didn’t START with this!

Things have been at a standstill for the last couple of days in workout land. Today is Sunday which means that I should be hating myself and ruing the day I was born due to BOOT CAMP. However, I did not attend boot camp this week. (I know, I know. Boo boo boo.) After the night before with the dog (who is getting better every day 🙂 ), I was exhausted and decided to sleep in and stick around with her a bit on Saturday. I’m starting to notice a weekend trend of slacking on the exercise front which I should probably try to turn avoid!

Just a short post tonight. I will talk to you again tomorrow!

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