If I Were a Rich Girl…

Alright guys. Time for the First Ever 5ks & Coffee Beans RANT. I’m not entirely sure what made me think of this (actually, I’m pretty sure it’s a conversation I had at work about how an apple would cost more than a cookie…) anyway, here it is.

Why is being healthy so expensive?! Sure, you can cut corners and make things a little cheaper for yourself (i.e.: workout at home instead of a gym, go for a run outside instead of on a treadmill, grow your own fruits and vegetables instead of buying them, learn magic and make all of the magically nutritious ingredients for your magically nutritious meals magically appear on your kitchen counter,) but other than those options, maintaining an optimally healthy lifestyle can get to be quite pricey!

Gym membership prices vary a TON, but I’ve seen everything from $20 / month to $90 / month. Some places also have a “new member” or “startup fee”. Even the lower end $20/month places adds up to $240 a year! If you decide to go the home-gym route, you’re looking at dumbbells, mats, bands, bars and all of that nonsense which is a hefty initial cost to come up with.

Let’s talk about FOOD! Produce is EXPENSIVE. (Trust me, I know. I do this for a living!) It’s expensive to buy, doesn’t last long and can be tricky to prepare.

Specialty items are even more of a struggle. Bag of white rice: $.75. Bag of quinoa $5.99. Holy goodness!

I love to keep the kitchen well-stocked with my favorite healthful items, but maintaining this kick is getting expensive! Maybe THAT’S why my fitness frenzies never last much longer than a month or so! The Non-Essential Food Stuffs Fund is running dry! 😛

In other non-rant-related news, I can’t believe it’s Friday already! Since I work both weekend days, the “weekends” don’t really mean anything particularly special to me, but Fridays are always fun anyway, right?? Plus, I’ve got lots to keep me busy in the upcoming days. My current to-do list includes:

  • Nurse pup-pup back to health
  • Look into completing some of the 2,050 Real Life things that I begin and never seem to finish
  • Work out tutoring schedule
  • Finish writing up meal plan (I’m quite excited to share this with you guys fairly soon. It’ll involve some active participation so get ready to COMMENT!)
  • Work on my section of the story that Katherine and I are writing
  • Finish organizing room for the Big Remodel (aka: paint job and new bed)
  • Avoid rain-induced malaise

Strangely, I don’t have a workout to update you guys on for today! No particular reason, I just never got around to it! Better luck tomorrow, I guess! Also, speaking of forgetting things, my posts have been lacking pictures recently and even when they’re of stupid things (like a smoothie,) I think it brightens up my little blog world so I’ll try to be better about that!

I hope you’re all doing fine and dandy! Until tomorrow…

2 thoughts on “If I Were a Rich Girl…

  1. I search high and low for deals on the healthy foods because I refuse to buy all “unhealthy” food. Medical bills aren’t cheap, so I’ll pay the price to treat my body right.

    • I am definitely a bargain-hunter as well! That’s a very good point about the medical bills too. And I must say, if I’m going to spend my spare change on something, it’s always nice when that something is healthful and delicious!

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